Ayelet is a highly successful former corporate executive offering a new vision for business in the 21st century. Her dynamic, engaging presentations, workshops, and coaching sessions will give you the understanding and guidance to succeed in a world of rapid change and shifting trends.

A Formal Introduction

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc, Biotechnology, CaliforniaUnited Nations Foundation, Washington, DCVeriFone Holdings, Inc., San Jose, CaliforniaGenentech, Inc., San Francisco, CaliforniaSK Telecom Co., South KoreaLegatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MAThe Conference Board of Canada,  not-for-profit research organization, Ottawa, ONCisco Systems, Inc, multinational technology conglomerate, San José, California

Through her years as a global technology executive, Ayelet faced similar challenges that many leaders are facing today, from designing innovative strategies to enter new markets in highly competitive environments to attracting, retaining, and motivating employees. She has worked in over 140 countries, and has achieved extraordinary success navigating business from the inside of large organizations. This firsthand experience has given her deep understanding and appreciation of how to transform even the most persistent problems into incredible opportunities.

Ayelet helps leaders navigate the increasing uncertainty and changes businesses are facing. She works with leaders who want to anticipate the changes and make a positive impact, whether globally or locally, by fostering genuine trust with all stakeholders. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer clearly shows declining trust in leadership, and 80% of people expect business leaders to provide greater value to addressing societal issues. Commitment to increasing shareholder value requires facing these challenges head on, because lowered levels of trust clearly effect your bottom line. Ayelet helps leaders who recognize that business has the best chance of bridging the trust gap by fulfilling their mandate to create value and drive profitable businesses.

More than ever, people today are looking to be inspired and motivated, and they want the work they do to make a difference in the lives of many, including fellow employees, customers, partners, vendors, and community members. Ayelet works with you to focus on maximizing impact while minimizing wasteful actions, and she will help you explore hidden possibilities to develop innovative solutions from within your organization. She ignites your 21st century mindset so you can create a new wave of business opportunity.

In this presentation, Ayelet Baron will share with you simple, practical, and actionable strategies to help you and your organization thrive like never before! As part of the preparation, Ayelet will sit down with you and talk through your specific challenges and opportunities, and then design an outstanding presentation that inspires and guides your team to a more profound level of success.


A growing number of people and organizations are recognizing that another person’s best practices are often not applicable to their own situation. Guidance from others is vital, but we need to gain a greater integrated understanding of our own unique situations, goals, and purpose, and then implement new approaches that fit our own specific business needs and opportunities.  We are on the edge of a genuinely new paradigm for business. There is an urgent need to shift from leading with organizational structure and technology to leading with greater purpose. Rational structure and evolving technologies are obviously important, but they are meant to serve the higher purpose of your business, not to dominate it. We can stop bringing with us old and tired ways of working that just keep shifting the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

Our opportunity is not simply another business program or framework. It is far simpler, and yet much more powerful. We need to adopt a 21st century mindset that drives our purpose and allows us to see opportunities where we bring people together to create something beautiful in the world of business. When people in an organization are connected to its deep purpose and know how to play their position, that’s when greater profitability comes in. Are you ready to build the next generation business based on purpose + profit?

You and your team will start exploring and navigating through these critical opportunities for your business strategy:

  • What is your personal purpose?
  • What is the shared purpose of your business?
  • Where is your edge?
  • How do you connect with the people—employees, customers, partners, vendors, communities—who care about what your business creates?
  • How does purpose + profit = the future of your business? What actions do you need to take? What mindsets do you need to embrace?

In this presentation, Ayelet Baron will you see new opportunities in turbulent times. She introduces a holistic, integrated approach to transform outdate assumptions into powerful new ways of leading with purpose and fostering co-creation across silos. She will work to understand your environment and create an interactive experience to unleash the capabilities of your leaders with unique exercises that tap into people’s innate desire to lead, and do so synergistically.


Many of us have not yet realized that there is something remarkable happening in the world, something that is available to each leader, should you choose this path. It is our time to lead in new ways and tap into our ability to create purposeful businesses that inspire us to unleash our potential, and lead ourselves and others in a conscious and purposeful ways.

There is an urgent need to bring leaders together in open dialogue to explore and innovate our current ways of working. In our never-ending pursuit of becoming more productive in business and our personal lives, we have lost pieces of ourselves on the road to someone else’s definition of success. We need to reclaim our own purpose, and then true success becomes a genuine possibility.

The Economist recently reported that management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas. And some business gurus continue to drill into us how to live our lives and run our organizations, but they are forcing you down the wrong path. They don’t know you. They don’t know what really drives you. You need to learn how to identify leaders who have clarity of purpose and know how to integrate it into every aspect of your business.

You and your team will start exploring and navigating through these critical opportunities for your leadership strategy:

  • What are the key characteristics of 21st century conscious leaders?
  • How can you foster a 21st century mindset to thrive in uncertainty and create new opportunities?
  • How can you identify and train your next generation leaders?
  • What does success mean to you, and how can you measure Return on Impact?

In this presentation, Ayelet takes you on a journey of how to create a common story of what “work” means in your organization. She will provide practical advice and ask probing questions to help you navigate from your current definition to your future state. Her approach is to understand your needs and customize the interactive talk to make a deeply meaningful and lasting impact on your bottom line.


There are various speakers telling us what the future of work is supposed to look like, and most are predicting technological innovations while leaving the people behind. Few are focusing on the elephant in the room: the fact is that we no longer have a common definition of what work even means in the 21st century. So how can we predict the future of work if we no longer even know the meaning of the word “work”? Instead, we are fearing robots and artificial intelligence taking our jobs in our continuous pursuit of efficiency, productivity, and rapid financial growth. Fortunately, there is a better way.

What we need is a deep recalibration of what work means to us, individually and collectively. Your opportunity is to have people in your organization come together and architect a 21st century definition of work, and replace fear and blaming with a new paradigm where people truly matter. By having a clearing understanding of new ways of working, and by putting people back into the center your organization, you can achieve engagement like never before, and that translates into sustained profitability.

The organizations and the leaders who will thrive in this century and beyond are the ones that know how to understand the value of recalibrating to individual and collective purpose. Work will become more meaningful, and we can have a much more purposeful experience. While this is not a path for the weak of heart, it is definitely worth pursuing. In fact, it is absolutely necessary if you want to do more than merely survive on the sidelines. This new way forward can bring you not only profit but also a deeper, more meaningful purpose, one that truly benefits others. There are a growing number of 21st century conscious leaders paving the way on this path. You can join them.

You and your team will start exploring and navigating through these critical opportunities for your overall strategy:

  • What is work and how do you make it more meaningful?
  • Why do customers do business with you?
  • What is your story today, and what does it need to become when your words and actions align to provide a more purposeful experience?
  • How do you transform?
  • What’s your roadmap?


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140 Worked in over 140 countries
$2B+ Strategist for $2B+ sales revenue generation for Cisco Canada
78% Customer satisfaction with Cisco Information Technology increased from 60% to 78% in two years
50% Reduced meetings by 50% by introducing new ways of working
#1 Cisco Canada recognized as #1 best place to work in Canada



Ayelet Baron is a visionary author, speaker, coach, workshop facilitator, and former tech executive committed to making a transformational impact on business. 

After undergoing a personal transformation, she realized the magnitude of how much the corporate world had lost its way, and, more importantly, she saw hope for how to make things better. She discovered that the new mindset needed for 21st century leadership has its roots in ancient wisdom traditions, especially around the themes of integration and a genuinely holistic perspective.

In 2015, Ayelet served as an adjunct leadership team member as an Innovator in Residence in Roche/Genentech's Strategic Innovation Product Development organization. She climbed the corporate ladder for more than a decade at Cisco Systems, where she was the Chief Strategy Officer for Cisco Canada.

Her leadership helped propel Canada from the sixth to the second largest revenue generating country for Cisco at nearly $2B. She served on the Emerging Markets and IT executive leadership teams at Cisco, where she led pioneering programs for the company. Ayelet was also a Cisco Leadership Fellow with Nethope, where she collaborated with over 20 of the largest global Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). 

Ayelet is uniquely and powerfully poised to guide corporations on a profoundly significant journey that touches all of us in this century and beyond: our journey to corporate sanity.

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