Inspiring leaders. Spotting trends. Changing lives.

Keynotes, workshops and coaching designed to unlock your hidden potential and create 21st century mindsets.

In the 21st century, leaders who get it have moved from seeing a world of scarcity where they need to compete, to one of abundance where they can collaborate and create new products, services and markets. My dream is that I’ll inspire you to embrace a 21st century mindset and create thriving organizations.
– Ayelet

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaker

  • Inspires leaders at all levels of the organization to implement new ways of working through her keynote presentations and workshops on the future of business.
  • Provides insightful and highly animated talks on how to create winning 21st century organizations.
  • Drawing from her career as a Cisco executive, an Innovator in Residence at Roche/Genentech, and her extensive global perspective, she shares how the rules of business are changing and how not to get left behind.


  • Helps leaders understand the future of business and how to build successful 21st century organizations.
  • Shares key trends as they happen to help organizations with extreme scenario planning.
  • Partners with senior business leaders who think big and are committed to preparing their organizations for future realities.
  • Provides insights on her pioneering work around lifeworking and helps leaders capitalize on the multi-generational workforce, the emerging freelance economy, globalization and using talent intelligence as a game changer.
Global Thought Leader

Global Thought Leader

  • As a passionate thought leader and strategist, her keynote presentations, workshops, facilitation, pioneering assessment tools, and executive coaching are ideal for executives and organizations with ambitious missions.
  • Helps you: find your edge and create new growth opportunities to lead a thriving 21st century organization, unlock your potential and build trusted employee and customer communities, and be a catalyst for collaboration and innovation.
  • Known for helping people and organizations unlock their potential and explore new ways of working.

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Ayelet works with organizations around the world who have ambitious missions.
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21st Century Business Frameworks

Business Common Sense: What’s old is new

A new book by Ayelet Baron exploring how to lead on the edge in the 21st Century.


In Business Common Sense, Ayelet Baron explores why we have lost common sense when it comes to business and are still using antiquated business practices. She provides leaders with the seven enablers to building 21st century organizations and practical advice on how to lead successful organizations.

  1. Shared Purpose
  2. Conscious Leaders
  3. Cultural Mindsets
  4. People Are the Killer App
  5. Collaboration: Connected Networks and Trusted Communities
  6. Co-creation
  7. Lifeworking
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What people are saying about partnering with Ayelet

  • Ayelet is a unique combination of smart, forward thinking, collaborative, and experienced. A true strategist, she uses smart disruption to quickly facilitate change or develop new innovative strategies. A leader, a teacher and a mentor, she has a well developed capability to get to the heart of an organization’s challenges, whether exploring the dynamics during change or supporting cultural evolution. This remarkably insightful leader understands the future of work and how to integrate solutions into an organization.

    Cristy Fasano
    Program Director for TO2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games, Cisco Systems
  • Ayelet is an exceptional driver for change in a group. She is persistent and results-oriented and is able to build a community and drive them to a common goal.

    Ernesto Beneke
    Client Director, Telekom Austria Group, Cisco Systems
  • Ayelet is a transparent, open and warm person that is a joy to work with – she effortlessly relates to all kinds of people and is a phenomenal connector. Her significant professional experience and intuitive understanding of emerging technology, combined with an open and transparent work ethic, makes her an invaluable collaborator.

    Romanus Berg
    CIO, Ashoka
  • There are few people in life who impact us tremendously and when they do – we want to hold on to them, learn and experience as much as possible to grow and evolve both for ourselves, our organization and frankly the world at large. If you want to learn more about networking in today’s world, communities, working out loud and becoming part of the 21st century way of working – connect with Ayelet. She is the BEST!

    Sheila Babnis
    Global Head, Strategic Innovation Product Development, Roche

  • Ayelet re-defines what collaboration is and means. She’s got extraordinary vision, energy, and willingness and ability to share, and ‘a bias for action’ to achieve outcomes. Ayelet also has constructed a phenomenal network of thought leadership across organizations and sectors which she leverages – to mutual satisfaction of all parties – to achieve those outcomes. She also has an innate ability to assimilate and extrapolate that thought leadership and reform it into actionable innovation. Ayelet is one of those on the short list with whom it’s a sincere privilege – and learning opportunity – to work with.

    Mark Dronzek
    Former CIO, Family Health International