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Leading from the Heart

Leading from the Heart

Being a leader means recognizing that everything you do has an impact on the people around you. Conscious leaders have high self-awareness and are in tune with our feelings, thoughts, and actions on this journey. You are guided to serve with compassion, and care about the impact you create by truly engaging and driving the mission of the organization.

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Predictions for the End of 2020 and Beyond

The idea of unlearning is not new. It is at least four thousand years old and is rooted in sacred texts. There are many amazing stories in our collective history about inspirational people who were self-taught and became pioneers, changing the course for humanity. It is encouraging to know more people today are looking to step out of the rat race. More and more are questioning the fast-food culture we’ve created, wanting to support different lifestyles that align with abundance and nutrition that is created from the heart—not from great profit margins.

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