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Creating A Different Today and Tomorrow

Aug 27, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Creating A Different Today and Tomorrow - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Creating A Different Today and Tomorrow

Creating a different today and tomorrow means that the future is not an extension of the past. We see this in how technology evolves, how societies adapt, and most importantly, in the few who care deeply about living healthier lives and choosing to trek into the unknown. Gone are the days when a trailblazer was a lone wolf, a rule breaker with no regard for the environment. Today’s trailblazer is a networker, an innovator, a force for healthy living.

Few of us learn to focus on our feelings as kids. Schools teach obedience over sensitivity. Being self-aware means tuning into our thoughts and feelings without distractions. We all have self-doubt, but it makes us human and adds depth to our work. Our imperfections make us unique and bring truth to what we create.

Any Age, Any Stage

The trailblazing spirit often looks young, but let’s be clear: any age can innovate and shake things up. People tend to celebrate youth because breaking the mold takes a lot of effort.

But a shift is happening. Experience and wisdom are gaining value over a constant craving for the new and improved. This shift shows a growing awareness: we’re not here to fight the system, we aim to create a healthier world altogether.

It’s also about taking risks, not just for the changemaker but for everyone affected by the change. However, comfort zones are not permanent residences. Anyone, at any point, can step out and lead. And everything changes when we stop worrying and start caring, deeply.

The Slow Burn Beats the Quick Fix

Ever heard of a startup that scaled too fast and crashed? That’s hustle without direction. Systems, be it a business model or social structure, are designed to push back against quick, unthoughtful changes. Slow, deliberate actions often produce results.

Tesla didn’t beat car giants overnight. It took years of planning and focus. Now, electric cars are part of the mainstream, and Tesla is a big reason why. But the question remains what is possible when we look at things holistically and create what we need without rushing or hustling?

The New World is asking us to be a trailblazer who thinks holistically and creates living systems that respect the environment and all living beings. Small steps lay the foundation for a conscious, healthy life. Through learning and practice, we co-create what we need for better living.

Co-creation Trumps the Lone Hero

The lone genius myth doesn’t hold water. Look at the rise of organic local farmers’ markets. One vendor alone doesn’t create a market. Local farmers, artisans, customers, and volunteers join forces to offer fresh, local produce and crafts.

As time passes, these markets gain community backing and start to be preferred over big grocery stores full of unhealthy options. It’s co-creation, not solo efforts, that drives this change. Working together, we use our skills and energies to serve a meaningful purpose.

Building the future starts with bridging different fields, not just focusing on technology. Asking questions and challenging assumptions, while still focusing on creating a healthy foundation.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big stage to make a big impact. Etsy started as a small community of craftspeople. The focus was not on scaling up to conquer the world, but to serve a niche community. It’s the same in social movements.

Think about community gardens. Often, these start with just a handful of neighbors turning an empty lot into a shared space for growing food. It doesn’t attract massive attention at first. Yet, as more locals join in, the garden can turn into a community hub that provides fresh produce and a sense of community. These gardens can even inspire changes in local policies about land use or sustainability. All this change starts small but gains momentum, thanks to a committed group of people.

Breaking New Ground: Creating a Different Today and Tomorrow

It’s easy to be swayed by the drama of the moment, but emergency is not the same as urgency. Acting without thinking might win you applause for the moment but lose you the lasting impact you seek. A well-timed strategy outperforms a rushed reaction every time. In a world full of playgrounds, not battlegrounds, thoughtful actions lay the groundwork for enduring, positive change.

The world is ever-changing, and that’s an opportunity. It’s not about returning to a “normal” that may have never existed in the first place. It’s about moving ahead, equipped and more aware than before.

So, do you want to live in a world of conscious trailblazers today and tomorrow? Creating anything, whether it’s a sandwich, a conversation, or a lifetime adventure, requires effort.

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