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A Global Chain Reaction

Aug 9, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

A Global Chain Reaction - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A Global Chain Reaction

Is there a chain reaction caused by the increasing number of young people in China ruling out factory work? Is the era of taking advantage of workers, undercutting competitors, and closing down operations slowly coming to a halt?

The age we live in reveals the impacts of our choices like never before, and some big storm are coming. This trend marks part of “The Great Questioning” we currently experience, where people and societies are actively making healthier, more informed choices.

The implications are far-reaching and touch every aspect of our lives like a connected chain reaction.

Workers’ Rights and Ethical Business Practices:

The era where businesses exploited workers, undercut competitors, and shut down operations is waning. Chinese factories are now offering perks like subsidized childcare and free yoga classes.

Perhaps the time of ultra-cheap goods is also under threat—and because young people are no longer interested in factory work and also white collar work. After all, young people are now questioning the value of their work and making different choices when it comes to where they earn their wages. And they don’t want to make work their life like their parents.

Maybe this shift benefits workers around the world by doing more than promoting fair wages and ethical business practices. It also prompts us to examine work that values humans and doesn’t treat us like slaves in a machine.

The Awakening to Nature:

A younger, connected generation is waking up to the environmental costs of fast fashion and overconsumption. Their awareness of the textile industry’s devastating impact on the environment, water pollution, and waste is leading them to demand quality over quantity. Second hand shopping and thrifting are also on the increase.

There is a movement to break the cycle of instant bargains at the expense of quality and environmental integrity.

Technological Advancement and Economic Opportunities:

The manufacturing countries’ labor crunch is driving technological innovation in AI, automation, and Cloud Manufacturing. While this promises to make goods more accessible and affordable, it raises critical questions about the workers’ future in factories, especially women and minorities.

Some companies are also moving their production from China and relying more heavily on automation.

Western consumers buy three times more clothing than they need. This choice leaves a big mark on the environment. We can choose to be more responsible. We can share, barter, and take only what we need, like in ancient times.

The Great Questioning” isn’t just a trend. It asks us to look at our values and our world.

Who doesn’t want a world with respect for people, care for nature, and abundance? Maybe when more of us see the future of work as play, we will see the opportunities right in front of us? Because we are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to play.

We all play a part in how the story unfolds. Each decision we make is part of this chain reaction.

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