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A Mysterious Portal

Apr 28, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

A Mysterious Portal - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A mysterious portal appears when we release our grip on the comfort of perceived obstacles. Here, the light of our inner fire shines. We begin to see, feel, and listen. Here, we give ourselves permission to stop pretending. And by opening the mysterious portal, we stop seeking refuge outside ourselves.

How often do people come into your life to tell you why your ideas won’t work? When you let them in, their doubts naturally flood your space. But maybe they don’t truly understand what’s best for you. Isn’t it absurd? You share your creations, and all you receive in return are suggestions on how to do things differently; someone else’s way.

It seems many people are quick to criticize and eager for you to conform to their ways or follow the crowd. But are they genuinely listening, or just projecting their own fears onto you? It’s okay if your ideas don’t resonate with everyone—after all, not everything is meant for everyone.

Choosing to walk your own path means there’s no set guide. You follow where your heart leads, discovering who supports you and who holds you back. It’s challenging to unlearn old habits and let go of outdated influences. But turning down the volume on external noise is a choice only you can make.

Look at our world today; it’s evident that no one truly knows what you need, and no one is coming to save us in this mess we created as societies following “leaders,” experts and gurus. We don’t have to adhere to those old narratives anymore or watch the documentary series on  power, money, authority, beliefs, theories and endless corruption.

So, ditch the remote control. There’s a lot of freedom in this chaos.

Is it time to give yourself permission to step off the conventional path and bring your ideas to life? Because all you can do is start—step by step, creating your own soundtrack as you accept the mystery of your life.

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