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A New Beginning

Dec 27, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

A New Beginning - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A New Beginning

This is a time to usher in a new beginning. As many of us want to keep the peace within us, we are learning new skills around honesty that change everything. Instead of needing to be superficial, we want to be open to life.

The primary cause of suffering is what we call lying or pretending—creating and upholding an unreal image of ourselves. The value of being honest with ourselves helps us become healthy.

We no longer want to perform all the time. Needing to be nice and good at all times suppresses our true human emotions. When we come to terms with repressed emotions like anger or fear, they no longer endanger our health.

And what we find as we develop healthy skills is not everyone will like it. Because when we are willing to live our lives from the inside out, without pretense, it can make anyone who is regularly performing uncomfortable. Some of us can’t give up our daily dramas and soap operas. Is it safer to stay chained to our suffering?

It turns out that Jack Nicholson’s “You can’t handle the truth,” which he shouted at Tom Cruise’s character in A Few Good Men, was ad-libbed. And while it maybe true in the movies, more of us are wanting to be real.

A Healthy New Beginning

Our health depends on us not suppressing ourselves and we are ready to exit, stage left, of performing roles. 

We want healthy relationships where we don’t need to guess or worry about walking on eggshells. Who really wants to be told how to behave to live up to societal conditioning? And we are learning not to do things at our own expense. The price is way too high when it comes to our mental health.

We are discovering that when we have a deep conversation, we connect and relate. And we often laugh a lot too. We are no longer focused on controlling the outcome of the conversation or needing to be right. 

People talk about love but loving each other means that we are open and don’t withhold anything from each other. When we overcome our conditioning, we no longer need to pretend to be someone we’re not. 

The secret to a healthy life is freeing ourselves. So many people right now are facing losses and when we can talk openly about our true feelings, we no longer have any taboo topics. Loss is simply part of life and the beauty in life is being able to listen.  

When enough of us begin to share honestly, we shift everything. We teach each other that it’s okay to be who we truly area. Once we do, we simply want to hang out with people who want to grow together. It is a new form of sharing that is slowly emerging and it starts with each of us being courageous enough to enjoy the world on our own terms. 

Imagine living in such a way that we don’t leave any unspoken words. And creating opportunities for joy and laughter in authentic, true relationships where we also give ourselves permission to feel sadness and grief. It’s a package deal when we dare to be. 

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