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Bridge to Abundance

Oct 4, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Big Shift: From Scarcity to Abundance - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What if Abundance is A Heart-set?

Abundance is not something we acquire. What if we already have everything we need inside of us?

Isn’t it interesting that we treat what is abundant in our world like opportunities with a mindset of scarcity because we are too scared, for example, to embrace the unexpected? We may also be so busy finding a solution to problems that we miss our opportunity.

And we tend to treat what is scarce, like clean water and other natural resources, with a mindset of abundance, believing they are infinite. But can we continue to take more and more with no consequences to our environment?

In some fascinating way, we are navigating scarcity and abundance in unnatural ways. And we have an opportunity to transform our approaches and beliefs at this very moment when we tap into our hearts.

Abundance of Distractions

Many of us live in a world of overwhelm where we have so many choices regarding what we consume. When we go into a local supermarket, there are aisles and aisles to navigate of food to purchase. Our vegetables and fruit even provide a choice whether we buy organic or non-organic. We can choose processed food or food that has no GMO and toxins.

And when we have the means, we don’t have to even leave our house as there are abundant online choices to make where everything can be delivered to our home or a local locker. Search engines fragment everything to get more ad clicks to highlight brands. It’s a numbers game that is abundant. 

When we want to read a book, there are millions of options. And we often ask friends for recommendations. We somehow trust they have the same needs as us and allow them to guide what we read. It’s similar when it comes to music, television and film. 

When we travel, there are abundant choices of where to go, where to eat and where to sleep. And often we trust strangers’ online reviews with the choices we make; when we know nothing about them or their lifestyles. 

Some of our choices are made based on how much finances we have. We choose fast food over organic food because that’s what we can afford. There’s no way we can buy premium grass-fed, hormone-free burger, or even a veggie burger.

Some of us consciously consume toothpaste or deodorant that is toxin- free, while some still buy into a brand’s promise never questioning whether the product is healthy or unhealthy for us.

And we find ourselves navigating abundance and scarcity at the same time. Some never satisfying the need for more and better, and some conscious of our enough, questioning the source of everything. 

Drowning in A Mediocre Sea of Sameness

And then there’s the question of our attention as we scroll through platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, bored with the underwhelming information shared—finding a needle in the haystack here and there. There is an abundance of mediocre narcissism displayed with people sharing their secrets to life and their newly found solution to whatever problem excites them. And this is why abundance in discernment is key for us about what and who we consume. 

Someone may be posting that they have our answers but a few posts later, we see they are not walking their talk. They can’s “save” the environment in one effort and then fly to different locations in the same breath. There is abundance in do what I say, not what I do. It’s called branding.

And it’s funny because the intentions are there but being in alignment takes a great deal of practice. Authenticity doesn’t have a recipe or best practice to follow—It comes from the heart. 

Just like our food options, learning what is healthy and unhealthy for us impacts our overall wellbeing. And our abundant ability to understand what and who is fake and real for us can provide clarity or confusion. Life often gets simpler when we stop following the trends and understand we don’t really need external influencers to tell us what’s important. 

Abundance Comes from Within

We have always expected people outside ourselves to know what we need or to allow us to live or work a certain way. But what if this is a mindset of scarcity and never-ending consumption?

Do the editors, writers and producers of television and film today want abundance of consumers or do they truly care? Are businesses sausage factories about churning abundant profitability, growth and productivity or do they care about people and our environment?

What about brand managers and retailers? To most, we are simply an audience that they would love to have consume whatever they offer.

Discernment comes in when we understand agendas and motivations behind what we choose to consume. Relationships are built on trust and who we trust matters. Once trust shatters, the foundation is wobbly. And trickster energy is abundant in our current world.

We usually have politics when there are two people with different agendas and motivations. Lines are made in the sand and  conflict becomes abundant. And then we try to problem solve instead of looking at the root cause of our angst. 

Why Are We Here?

But what if we choose clarity over being overwhelmed by placing our attention on what we value rather than being informed? Maybe what’s abundant is kindness, compassion, vitality, well being, gratitude and experiences?

And perhaps we can be mindful of what we consume and only take our enough and what we need? Is more always better? And if so, who planted this belief in our minds? Do we really want to be a statistic reported as having “Information Anxiety”? Do we want to be influenced by snappy marketing campaigns and influencers growing their audiences and likes?

Maybe it’s time to define and create new language around what truly matters to us? Is it possible to choose to be a lifeaholic and love the abundance in our lives? When we live our calling, maybe work becomes play? And we get to choose who we create with? 

No one outside ourselves will navigate an overwhelming world for us. Our continued journey allows us to respect ourselves and our natural environment by becoming aware that our choices truly matter. Consciousness is real and when we are in flow with life, so much is possible because we give ourselves permission to create meaning.

Hearts filled with abundant love open the doors to being a pioneer of possibilities and help us become aware of the healthy bridges we can begin building.

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