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AI and Us

Feb 2, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

AI and Us - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

AI Opportunity

What if AI can take over tasks for us like filling out forms so we can create art? Perhaps AI can do menial tasks so we can spend more time talking and creating with our kids, for example? 

Do we want to spend our lives in the mundane or do we deserve to experience all of life? Mundane tasks can be out tasked but life is for the living. 

What if AI helped us find people who share our passions and interests so we can expand ourselves? Without fear, so much is possible. 

I remember in a sociology class in high school, we learned about red tape and bureaucracy. There was also a lot about how norms are created and how important it is to follow society’s rules. At 16, I questioned all of this. It made no sense to be mired in bureaucracy. My teacher told me I asked too many questions, which is not the norm. 

Anyone engaged with the current healthcare system can see how truly broken it is. Yesterday, I saw a meme of a man in the UK lying on the floor. He had spread all the forms he was required to fill out in two rows and they were still longer than him. How much time do we need to spend filing out and signing forms? And because the system is broken, we often have to fill out a similar form for every practitioner we engage with. 

AI and Us

We continue to be siloed and not integrated. Social media continues to be a place to go. Email needs to be checked by us. And then there’s texting, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Slack, and more and more disparate tools. 

What if AI can help us create connected, secure systems where we would only need to login once or fill out the same information that can be shared?

Perhaps if we didn’t have go to so many ‘places’ but could have an integrated experience? 

Is it time to talk about value and benefits instead of fear of how we choose to create and use tools.

Will AI take over our jobs is not the question that will reduce any fear. Maybe the question is more like, what value can AI bring to simplify our lives? What relationship do we want to have with technology? And how can we shift our mindset to understanding that human intelligence is brilliant. Because we are the creators. 

What if we each discovered our true genius?

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