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There’s Always A Way

Jul 18, 2022 | Daily Trek, HeartPickings

There's Always A Way - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

There’s Always A Way

Once we understand there’s always a way forward—whether we like it or not—much shifts in our relationship with life.

Imagine when we spend as much energy and focus on our greatest opportunities as our biggest problems. What if instead of solving hunger or poverty, we actually examined their root cause? Can we focus on how people can have access to healthy ways of living and have enough? Problems need to be solved. Opportunities are all about creation and possibilities.

Instead of fearing and worrying about what could happen, what if we were present in the here and now? When we’re open to life, there’s always a way.

What are some of your biggest challenges right now? Can you see the possibilities instead of the hardships?

Lightening Our Load

When we are no longer caught up with old stories or problems, life opens up to us in ways that we never imagined. 

Artist Florence Scovel Shinn, once said, “Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” 

When we’re not sure of the way forward or the answer to a particular question, the path lies in being still and hearing our inner heartbeat. This can be felt as an inner knowing or a feeling—or we might have a profound dream or a sign from the Universe. 

These are valid ways of tuning in to the wise part of us, so we have no need to feel powerless. We might have to alter our definition of power from being in charge to surrendering and trusting the currents.

There’s Always A Way When We Truly Explore Possibilities

In The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry reminds us, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 

Simply learning to listen. Feeling free to ask questions, but also respecting our heart to be in tune with what it is whispering to us. Once the whispers become clearer, we can listen as quietly or as loudly as we prefer.

And if something is stopping us, or we’re experiencing resistance, we can invest the energy in understanding where fear or worry stem from. There is always a way to assess the root cause and then listen some more. 

Operating in the field of the unknown, we practice curiosity and humility. But in different ways. The new can’t come in when we stay focused on the past. Make space. Take time. Release what is anchored in the past to live in possibilities.

No one knows what the future holds. Find comfort in whatever the present brings; there will be opportunities when being open, curious and courageous.

The truth is that there is always a way. You may not always like the door that opens up to you or the choices you make, but there is always a way forward.

With an opportunity mindset, we uncover unique opportunities to create meaningful experiences. As we make different choices or stand up for ourselves, healthier paths for living and working emerge. As fewer of us follow the noise of what is expected of us and instead follow our heart, we begin to trust it to guide us in new ways.

There are so many healthy paths. We simply choose our own.

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