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Anguilla and Tuvalu Are Making Digital Waves

Jun 5, 2024 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Anguilla and Tuvalu Are Making Digital Waves Are Making Digital Waves - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The stories of islands like  Anguilla and Tuvalu highlight how small, resource-limited nations economies are boosted with digital waves.

The rise of artificial intelligence and online video content opened up unexpected economic avenues for Anguilla and Tuvalu.

Anguilla has turned its “.ai” domain into a goldmine, generating over $30 million in 2023 alone. This accounted for just over 20% of the island’s government revenue. Similarly, Tuvalu benefited from the rise of online video platforms. Earning around $5 million annually at its peak from “.tv” domain registrations.

But this was life changing for  the12,000 people Tuvalu hosts on three coral islands and six atolls within 26 square kilometers. The average elevation is just five meters above sea level. Over the last decade, Pacific waters have encroached upon its shores. This new income source allows them to create awareness and connect with the global community.

By capitalizing on their unique internet suffixes, both islands have shown the power of serendipity. Geographic size and location do not limit economic potential in the digital age and maybe AI and TV bring in some very unexpected helpful benefits.

With creativity and foresight, even the smallest players like Anguilla and Tuvalu achieve significant economic impacts that open up opportunities, beyond tourism.

This week, Nvidia reached $3 trillion in market capitalization, becoming the second-most valuable company. Anguilla and Tuvalu’s small digital waves may seem insignificant in this global landscape. But it appears AI is making waves in tiny places with a much different scope. And maybe the revenue and AI can help Tuvalu find ways to address the fact that this paradise island is unfortunately sinking. Another reality of our times.

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