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When Are We Truly Rich?

Jul 13, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Are We Rich? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Belief of Being Rich

Is being rich and worry free a state of mind ? And have we also been stuffed with beliefs around scarcity and abundance?

Questions guide us. They steer our paths. A recent one labeled me “rich,” “worry-free.” Inside, I chuckled. True wealth isn’t money. It’s picking ourselves as the prime investment. It’s deep curiosity, exploring life’s depths. When worry nips, we ask ourselves. “Is this genuine fear or a learned one?”

When we connect with ourselves, a rich wellspring of love is available. No fights, no victories, just balance. Life gives us relationships as lessons—some nurturing and healthy, others challenging and toxic. We choose when to engage, when to step back. Winning and being right don’t unite, they divide.

What if we no longer choose to count wealth in bank notes. We don’t need many things. We live our “enough.” And of course, we still pay our bills and make our way in the world. But what is it that we really need? And each person’s answer to this is our own.

Being able to navigate and make discerning choices sets us free from living in a way that is expected. What if healthy people feel rich and know there’s not much to fear? What happens when we create a new lease on life?

Maybe we’re rich when we respect the Earth and learn to live in harmony with our Nature.

Can we embrace this richness? Affirm what’s healthy for us. Connect universally. Stay healthy. This is wealth. It’s not a lone journey. It’s our shared path.

What is being rich truly all about? Can it no longer divide us? Some of the most inspiring people I’ve met had nothing in material terms. But they were so rich in imagination, courage and creating the impossible.

Imagine a path of maximum impact with minimal effort. A journey entwined with the land’s intelligence, shaping civilization. This effort spawns vast wealth, but not hoarded. It flows into our communities, nourishing everyone. This is the true definition of effortless prosperity—a shared richness of humanity in harmony with the earth’s rhythm.

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