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Are You Making Your Own Work A Priority?

Jul 3, 2021 | Conscious Leadership

Priority - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Are You Making Your Own Work A Priority?

How often do you spend your days doing what you feel you must do, what constitutes a priority? Is it work, job, housework, obligations, errands or things for others—making sure you are constantly achieving and being super productive?

You may be so busy or overwhelmed achieving that you don’t make time to question why you need to be so productive. Who is judging your ability to tick off all the items on your never-ending to-do list? There may be a story or soundtrack running in your mind telling you that there is no other way but to keep racing around and keeping up with whatever the world tells you is important to be happy.

What the last two years have shown us is that this story is no longer relevant to many of us. We witnessed that when we do too much for too long, we feel empty, exhausted and come down with a bout of the blues. When we had nowhere to go outside ourselves, we became still, which was very uncomfortable. We never made time to reflect deeply, and question everything, when we were so busy achieving. But here we were: navigating a new reality, which seemed unreal as we mostly binged this story with sci-fi movies and television series. But the unknown was very real and very present.

We have yet to understand both the challenges and opportunities that we are facing right now in 2021–from mental health issues to the realization that it may be time to make yourself a priority. Maybe you became aware that it is time to nourish and replenish your soul and to do whatever brings you inner peace?

If there is any aspect of your life that has been limping along, this is an opportunity to examine the root cause of why it has gone off the rails. Maybe your foundation itself is starting to crack like the roots of a tree that breaks through the sidewalk wanting to breathe fresh air? It could be that you have nothing to “fix” or “make better” but a growing awareness that it’s time to let go, and that is the actual priority.

Take a look at your life or environment to identify the cause of any conflict or drama you face. What causes you to feel conflicted: is it a person, situation or belief that you no longer need? Can you work on letting go? Do you know why you may be choosing to remain in a situation that does not serve you? You get to decide what and who stays and what and who goes.

One way to navigate and shift these situations is to notice interactions with certain people or experiences that have challenged you in your past. Pause and examine how you react and whether you want to engage in someone else’s conflict or continue to be victimized. It’s an opportunity to practice neutrality, which I dive into in the trilogy. It’s about building detachment from the same activity or person that previously caused you pain, stress or discomfort. You no longer need to engage as a character in someone else’s drama or thriller.

Can you observe yourself as you choose your highest expression regardless of the challenges set before you? Many challenges are simply tests along the road to highlight issues that might still need to come up for clearing. And without judgment, are you aware of how you are responding to challenging situations and people?

Connecting with your feelings can help release old behavioral patterns that get in your way. Healthy beginnings or auspicious opportunities are always available to you. But think about it, when your closet is full and there is no way you can stuff one more item in it, it’s time to question whether you have room for anything else. Now look at your life and see if there’s any space to create. This is an incredible opportunity to wipe the slate clean and release something from the past. Now is the time to forgive any “mistakes” or “wrong” turns and make peace with the past; only then can you plant the seeds for something new and fruitful to grow.

Follow where the universe guides you, and trust your heart with this greater knowing that has been buried deep inside of you. And instead of focusing on your problems, do you know what your biggest opportunity is?

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