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Authentic Has Become “the” Buzzword

Mar 4, 2022 | Daily Trek, Trusted Relationships

Authentic - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

On Being Authentic

So many words have been highjacked recently; from authenticity to vulnerability. And we spend so much energy on conflict resolution and signed agreements; what is it about humans that we don’t know allow ourselves to be real and get along? Why do we need so much protection with experts instructing us to be authentic?

The time we have on this planet is precious and there is a lot to play with. Who wants to spend our days and nights in conflict? There is a timeless technology called dialogue, which allows us to listen and move forward together. But it cannot be easily used with anyone who is on the defense and has their sword ready to go into battle. It’s simply exhausting and unnecessary.

Life is calling us to become increasingly aware and conscious of the choices we make. The more we pause, breath and align our words with our actions, the more real (authentic/vulnerable/forgiving/being human) we become. 

As more of us become aware of how our thoughts and actions can be in higher alignment, we begin to make choices about what’s most important and who we invite into our lives, and our work. Instead of judging, we can act compassionately and lovingly and make decisions about whose energy we invite into our lives, or not. 

We Are Being Called to Build Authentic Bridges 

The truth is when we have trusted relationships, shared values and communication, we have everything we need. The next three months (March to June) are calling us to:

  1. Disentangle from the traps and seductions of the past.
  2. Dissolve attachment to dramas we’ve experienced.
  3. Let go of what depletes us and focus on what energizes us.

It takes both curiosity and courage to make choices and to say, enough. And when we do, there is so much waiting for us around the corner to experience.

Being yourself is a gift. When you choose to invest in yourself, you can also begin to transform your mental models by accepting that what seemed to work in the past may not be the healthiest way to engage in the future.

You may have been taught not to burn bridges, but life teaches us that some bridges take us nowhere and that it might be more beneficial to abandon them altogether.


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