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Is Authenticity Real?

Apr 20, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Is Authenticity Real? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Power of Being Real

In today’s world, conformity often takes precedence over authenticity where people adopt the “nice” persona. However, lurking beneath this seemingly harmless trait is a hidden danger: the erosion of our true selves. Always trying to be liked or please some norm outside ourselves. It’s a choice: follow the crowd or be real?

Seeking continuous approval and acceptance leads us to inadvertently sacrifice our values, beliefs, and integrity. Consequently, this relentless pursuit of niceness neglects the opportunity to simply be real. And it also causes anxiety, depression and is a form of unconscious bullying.

Being real, in contrast, isn’t about rejecting kindness or empathy. Instead, it’s about fostering genuine connections and staying true to ourselves.

By prioritizing authenticity, we create an environment marked by honesty, trust, and respect. Although this might occasionally ruffle feathers, it ultimately leads to more meaningful relationships and a deeper sense of purpose.

Indeed, genuine compassion and empathy are valuable qualities. However, when our desire to be nice is driven by fear, insecurity, or a need for validation, it becomes unhealthy to our wellbeing. In these cases, niceness transforms into a mask, concealing our true thoughts and feelings.

Embracing Authenticity

On the other hand, embracing authenticity and open communication, even when uncomfortable, paves the way for deeper connections. Being blunt is a way of life as we practice radical honesty, and understand that the reactions of others are not our responsibility.

Being ‘nice’ traps us, while practicing discernment in how we react is a choice—we can be offended or not. Notably, actions that are disconnected from words speak volumes. And this is why communication is so foundational in making sure we are clear and not making assumptions. We can say many things but it is in the alignment of our actions that authentic communication happens.

Accepting ourselves allows us to cultivate authentic relationships. We no longer need to pretend, and we can question the presence of people in our lives who want us to act a certain way. We also have way less misunderstandings because we there is always a way to communicate openly and honestly without unnecessary shenanigans.

In a society that often overvalues conformity and niceness, it’s time to claim the power of authenticity. By releasing the need for approval, we embrace the freedom that comes from being real. The journey toward authenticity is so worth taking, as it leads to a life of true connection and opportunity.

Endings and Beginnings to Healthy Living

When we constantly try to be someone we’re not just to avoid upsetting anyone, which is impossible, we wear ourselves out. We keep second-guessing and worrying if we said something wrong or what someone thinks of us (when it really doesn’t matter). Being nice is very tiring and directly affects our health.

On the other hand, being real leads to a healthier life. Because we no longer live in a world of right or wrong for two reasons. First, we don’t intentionally hurt or offend anyone, which frees us from this trap. Second, we start to understand who and what is healthy for our well-being. We stop fighting and no longer feel the need to be liked or have external validation that we are good people, which is another trap.

Imagine a world where each of us embraces our authentic self in our own way. Can we start by being honest with ourselves and each other, expressing ourselves without fear of judgment? Gradually, letting go of the need for approval and focus on building genuine connections.

By taking action, not only do become healthier, but we also attract healthy people who value us for being real. We can live our lives freely, be who we want to be, and not worry about what anyone thinks of us.

Essentially, nothing changes until we authentically do. And yes, living out loud is a beautiful peaceful destination that we each get to explore at our own pace of living a conscious life.

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