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Claiming the Right to Be Ourselves

Jul 16, 2022 | Daily Trek, HeartPickings

Be Ourselves - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

We may have learned to pretend that everything is ok and not be ourselves. We slip into roles, personas or wear socially acceptable neckties or pantyhose when we are expected to be professional. And often, we’re not even aware we’re donning a false self. 

Many of us fear making “wrong” decisions, failing and making mistakes. This fear was most likely planted in us in childhood when we were punished when we made mistakes. And we learned not be ourselves when everything became about distinguishing between right and wrong.

Some people will do anything to feel safe, secure and comfortable. And will defend their positions. This is often a way to avoid pain. 

A portion of what we believed to be our identity is a side-effect of our social conditioning. And, like training wheels on a kid’s bike, many of us no longer need to rely on them for our balance. At some point, we become aware that we totally lost sight of who we are and what we want.

More of us no longer care about how we are supposed to show up. There is an increasing desire rising to shed social conditioning. And sometimes, there is a conflict or confrontation. Old relationships end, while new ones appear. 

Maybe it starts when we choose to say no to something we really don’t want to do or saying yes to something that we might previously turned down because it could upset someone.

When we trek into the unknown, we need to shed these fears and judgments. When we experiment, things might not work out the way we expected. We won’t know unless we try. And also shed society’s definition of failure or being a loser. These are all toxic stories that no longer serve us. Claiming the right to be ourselves is up to us. 

There is a wild side in everyone of us. One that is independent, free-spirited and free-thinking. Words tell us who we want to be. Actions show us who we are.

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