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Every Ending is a New Beginning

Aug 2, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Every Ending is a New Beginning - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Birthing A New Beginning

Ending and beginning are natural cycles. Some experiences happen so we may unravel, unlearn and begin our next chapter. We each have an ability to understand that the beginning is foundational. The sun always comes back around. No matter how challenging times are, we can walk out of unhealthy situations. And yes, this goes against everything we were taught.

Only we can add new elements to our life that are healthy, fun and make us come alive. It’s some of the toughest and most rewarding work we can ever do.

We have learned to look to others to decipher our lives and give us hope and inspiration. When all along, everything we ever need is within us. But we were taught to search everywhere else for answers that lie in our hearts.

Some of us have been called stupid when we didn’t answer a question correctly. We may have been labeled inappropriate when we didn’t behave in the acceptable manner society set out for us. Some were told we were not good enough when we didn’t make the Olympic team or had no friends. And, we were called useless when we were seen as a burden on our family. 

These stories that create trauma, conflict and division in so many lives are endless. And, shed a light on why we have such an opportunity to release them. 

An Ending and Beginning

Many talk about transformation but not the effort it takes to become aware of our stories. The world that is opening to us is equally available to everyone. It is not longer about re-setting, re-considering or re-imagining.

Why? Because re-doing anything keeps us trapped in the current stories. It’s time to learn how to let go of fighting the current system and understand the source of our resistance to change.

August is the month to start to expect the unexpected where endings and beginnings slowly emerge. It is time to trek into the unknown step by step and explore the depth of our hearts and longing.

For me, it is an intersection where I am moving away from superficiality, pressure to be a certain way and no longer doing things at my own expense. Whatever happened happened, and all we can do is be in flow, learn and grow at our own pace.

There is no one to blame when we author stories together. We each have the same opportunity to learn and let go of what no longer serves us.

It means letting go of ideals, beliefs, and even people who set unrealistic expectations on how we should show up in the world. And often, it is heartbreaking. 

Beginning to Feel Free

In the old world, we would try our best to fit in and please. But the world that is beginning is calling us to listen to our own heartbeat. And as I have found, sometimes real life circumstances will give us the strength to create endings. So we can begin to navigate with our own compass and listen to our heartbeat.

It’s never about right or wrong when it comes to where we are headed. No one can no longer call us stupid or lazy. Rather, we don’t accept their judgement or label. We don’t really care for opinions that compare us to a norm. We let go of obeying and conforming to limiting beliefs, people and situations. 

There are millions of self-improvement schemes and formulas out there. And we get to choose what works for us and what doesn’t anymore. The self-help era is coming to an end. 

What brought us to this point will not take us to where our hearts truly want us to experience. 

Life is giving each of us an opportunity to transform and even thrive when it comes to trekking into the unknown. 

This doesn’t mean we become uncaring assholes. The opposite is quite true. It means that we no longer suck it up and allow anyone outside ourselves tell us how to be. 

It is about finding freedom within ourselves to intuitively respond to a person or a situation as our authentic selves. And boy does this take practice because often, we have been masking ourselves so long to be good boys and girls that we have no idea how to unleash our spirit. 

As Below, So Above

We have learned that it is easier to accept someone’s wrath and be a player in a drama than listen to our heartbeat. There are billions of stories in the old world about how we were wronged or treated poorly. 

But the seed that was planted in the soil and water didn’t resist and say, “I don’t want to grow. I feel safe in the earth and I refuse to experience the unknown.” 

It grew with more water and the support of its community underground. It had no idea what was above the darkness of the soil.

When it emerged and broke through the earth as a plant, it connected with the sun, the wind and all the elements. It survived attacks of insects and provided nourishment for bees and birds. And its impact was never known as it came and left in a season or two.  

There are natural cycles in our Universe that are part of who we are as nature. We may believe we are in control but we have an opportunity to live in the moment and be present. Being safe is often risky. 

Can we let go of our expectations, trust the currents and flow? Can each of us be the biggest transformation on the planet today and every day?

An important ally in life is our ability to end and begin a healthy new chapter.  

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