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Being A Creator

Nov 1, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Being A Creator - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

On Being A Creator

Being a creator means intuitively being and doing what feels healthy, conscious and aligned in the moment. There is no division or separation when we choose to be be present and create what we truly need. Our heart is our compass and we listen to its beat. 

We get to choose whether we stay in our comfort zone or to keep trying to control everything. But what’s the point of trying to control? Doesn’t it become pretty silly when we become aware of what’s possible on this journey? What happens when we realize that safety is often very risky and stops us from exploring our true calling? 

Until we leap into the unknown with excitement, by being a creator of our life, the odds of fully experiencing the natural beauty of our lives are pretty low. 

Creating from Zero Point

Neutrality (zero-point) to the noise and expectations around us don’t mean that we don’t care or feel deeply. There’s another neutrality, which is referred to as “zero point,” or holistic, full-spectrum grounding. Practicing neutrality allows us to step out of a story or situation and become the observer of our experience through a different perspective. 

It allows us to pause, and see a cycle or pattern in our lives, so we can understand it and forgive ourselves or each other. My dear friend Tim McDonald recently shared that the word “forgive,” in English, comes the Old English forgyfan, which translates primarily as “to give, grant, or bestow.”

One Old English dictionary connects forgiveness to the Hebrew word for “gift.” It’s a present that is offered, something that is granted to someone freely, without, necessarily, a conversation about whether or not they have earned it. It’s an offering, of sorts.

These gifts allow us to expand with new information and flow beyond our limited perspective so we can get fully in touch with ourselves. We are learning to create from the zero-point with Intention but no expectation or insistence on specific outcomes. There is a spontaneity and playfulness with any creation. We are each learning to master being in the moment at our own pace. 

By being a creator, we are being asking right now to weave the past and future by learning to be in the present moment.

What if magic is available to each of us and not just to magicians (society’s designated experts on all things magic)? As Arthur C. Clarke observed: “Magic is just science we haven’t understood yet.”

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