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Becoming Aware of the Trap of Being Right

Dec 18, 2021 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Being Right - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

So you’re right! Now what?

When you find yourself contemplating what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, take a moment to think of who created the framework distinguishing what is right from what is wrong.And is the need to be right healthy for your well-being? At the end of the day, what do you actually win when you’re right?

Someone may provide us with a list of the twenty-one foods that we should never eat because they’re bad for us, but do they know our body? And sure, research does help to discover what is good for us, but the more significant question is which foods are healthy for our specific body type? Do we know the source of the food we consume and whether it has been genetically modified or kept pure?

It’s bigger than just knowing how to keep our body healthy—we’ve been locked into a program of choosing sides and making right and wrong choices our entire lives. Isn’t there always a perceived consequence when we don’t choose the right job, the right partner, or the right shoes?

We Are at an Intersection of Possibilities

Good and bad, right and wrong are constructs that we inherited and that may no longer serve us in their current form as we step into the opportunity of assessing for ourselves, what is healthy and unhealthy and whether we are making conscious or unconscious choices in our own life. No one has our answers. As Rosamund Stone Zander shared in The Art of Possibility,

“The rain in Florida may be bad for us and good for the citrus crop. A canceled flight may wreck our schedule and bring us face to face with our future spouse in the airport lounge. A forest fire may seem to destroy an ecosystem in the short term, yet renew it with vigor for the long term. When a splendid osprey eats a beautiful fish, it is neither good nor bad. Or, it’s good for the osprey and bad for the fish. Nature makes no judgment. Humans do.”

Your heart usually knows when you’re ready to take the first few steps. And once you do, nothing will ever be the same. You have choices: to stay in the current paradigm and fight for your life of “being right” or to step into the unknown.

The deeper question concerns being aware of why you would not want to step out of the old toxic programming that may throw you into fear, outrage, blame, and hopelessness? What does being right or being in the right ever do for your well-being? What happens when you understand why you feed on something that is toxic to your well-being?

Imagine Not Having to Be Right

When you think about who you truly are, you don’t need to define it by who you were. There’s no going back to how things were—accepting some of the heartless way the world has been run when it comes to education, health care, politics, the way businesses operate. The decaying man-made world is filled with fear, division, poverty, addiction, depression, and never-ending wars and conflicts. The natural world is magical and beautiful.

Once you start down the path and begin making healthy decisions about your life, you will look back at the old ways in disbelief and ask yourself, “How on earth did I live that way? And why?” It’s natural to feel confused, lost, and uncomfortable at first. You were used to the false safety nets and life being a certain way. But a new path slowly appears as you let go of the unhealthy ways and limiting beliefs and take the first steps to open your heart to a healthy way of being.

It’s not easy, because you will find yourself alone on an emerging timeline, leaving behind many who are still fighting for their lives and living in fear. There is a whole machine that was set up to keep us warring within ourselves and with each other, and there are people literally fighting to make sure that peace and unity never happen in our world.

What is Your True Job (Purpose) in Life?

But what if your job is to focus on your own health and well-being, not to instruct others on what’s best for them? Each of us is on our own journey and there are plenty of people on this journey with you. But you won’t find us swimming in the status quo or mainstream.

What is ahead is a time for creation, for building healthy lives and communities. Our hearts are calling us to bring healthy structures to ideas and thoughts and creations—how we run our lives, our society, our companies, our economies, our governments, our environment, our education, and our health.

Once we become healthy, we can listen to the whispers of our hearts that know deeply that what affects one affects all because we’re all in different stages of readiness to explore possibilities.


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