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Dec 14, 2022 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Being True to Ourselves - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Being True to Ourselves

Being true to ourselves is key now. Each of us compromises ourselves at certain points in life. But we face a choice now to to assess whether compromising our true selves is coming with us on our adventure, or not.

What if we are each facing an incredible opportunity to trust ourselves and lean into our hearts like never before? Is it even possible to imagine than in 2013 we no longer have a comfort zone because we have consciously decided to trek into the unknown?

This coming year is a huge opportunity to become aware of our opportunities and new possibilities. What if this is the time to get in touch with our humanity and our ability to live without having to fight for anything? What if success is an old story where achieving more and more is not healthy to our core? 

A lot is in store for us as we navigate and experiment; always in motion fueled with curiosity and courage. What if it is us, and no one else, who gets to expand our imagination? What if more of us are fully aware of who we are and why we are truly here? What if we dream together? 

No Artificial Intelligence (AI) can prescribe these answers for us. No matter how clever we were when we designed the AI, AI will never save us from ourselves. We know in our true being that we are creators and adventurers of the heart. This is our time to get in touch with our true nature.

Experimenting with Being True

Setting boundaries means taking impeccable care of ourselves, as well as those who are important to us. Many of us are being tested right now and getting a wake up call in many of our relationships. Much of what we put up with for whatever reason is beginning to fall away as we had 2012 to practice our discernment. And 2013 is the year of relevance and being true.

The presence of someone’s shadow on us can create havoc in our lives. Being centered on our true self, which takes inner work, is how we don’t allow ourselves to be infected or bullied. When we have a voice, we have a choice.

We get to say no or enough as a way to strengthen our boundaries. We simply grow by taking personal accountability for our choices and not allowing blame or suffering to run our lives. And as we shift, we become mindful of who we invite into our inner circle to experience this adventure together. 

Being true helps us disconnect from other people’s dramas and shenanigans. It’s essential to find that calm place inside ourselves to release our own voice to speak and energize us at our core.

Being true to ourselves means we need to go through an inward trek to get in touch with everything. We pause and connect with our true nature. This is a profound time of growth and transformation where we get to experience how much we are willing to stand up for ourselves. And know when to move on to form meaningful alliances and partnerships that ignite us.

We are each capable of beginning a healthy chapter in life. What are some healthy sources of excitement? What are you are ready to invent?

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