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Beyond Herd Mentality: Forging Our Path

May 3, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Beyond Herd Mentality: Forging Our Path - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Unlike human herd mentality, bird formations like the V-shape in migrating geese help each bird maintain energy and enhance navigation. Flying together, birds also enjoy a shared experience, maintaining a smooth and efficient migration route.

Herd mentality happens when we conform our behaviors or beliefs to a group fighting for something. Conformity and obedience rule this dynamic. And studies show that only 5% influence the remaining 95% of a group, who follow the herd.

But when we talk to people who are critical thinkers, there’s laughter, understanding and creation. Often times, we add to each other’s thoughts and insights. There is no need to convince, sell or pitch when we’re in flow. Brainstorming is replaced with dialogue as connections are made organically.

It is a matter of being able to question and discover: What truly matters to you, and what are you curious about?

But when we hang out with people too wrapped up in their own world and winning the good fight, we quickly spot resistance and figure out who resonates with us and who doesn’t. It’s ironic, though, because we’re usually taught to blend in and follow the herd.

Now, imagine sharing what you have been creating with someone and the person immediately takes out his device and says, “this is what I like.” And you immediately know that what you’re creating has no future here. There is no openness to explore a new way and it was okay that it did not resonate because you know that it’s not for them. And the only way to discover our path is through experimentation.

Because when we introduce something different, we open ourselves to opportunities and find cues to guide our energy. Not everyone will break away with us, as we navigate the two worlds. And it’s not a matter of more division but one of awareness and bridge building.

The common belief that safety comes from numbers often stems from deep-seated fears. And let’s not forget that herd mentality is also usually funded by an agenda.

Making independent choices challenges us to question the familiar. Herd mentality usually seeks approval rather than facing criticism or judgement.  Yet, defying convention often leads to conditioned rejection. Because how else do we get people to act out and fight in the same way around the world?

Many creators today consciously choose to break away from herd mentality. We recognize its devastating effects of following the script on our souls. And we reject the idea that a single “pill” or best practice is the way forward.

To forge your own path, figure out what matters to you. That’s why I am stepping off the futurist and author bandwagon—nowadays, everyone is one.

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