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Beyond Lists, There is A Field

Feb 18, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Beyond Lists, There is A Field - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A life beyond lists beckons us to uncover deeper connections and meaning in our existence. We move past the competition to win, finding a harmonious blend of nature, meaning, and play. Imagine a world where meaningful interactions and connections replace lists of schedules and tasks. Breathing, taking walks, laughing do not need to be on a list.

Many hold the view that revisiting our collective history condemns us to repeat it, particularly as global and local challenges have dimmed hope. However, not experimenting with blazing new trails or grasping our brightest opportunities leaves us mired in endless problems. Dwelling on issues only fuels a cycle of never-ending problem-solving.

Yet, the future need not mirror the past. The journey of life takes unexpected turns, not following a straight path. We cling to grievances, chase relentless achievements, and submerge ourselves in to-do lists, finding satisfaction in ticking off tasks. Yet, what does completing these tasks truly signify?

Have you ever tried to gather scattered feathers in the wind? And have you ever tried to put toothpaste back in the tube? Sure, if you’re a problem solver you’ve added them to a list. But if you are an opportunity-creator, you cannot revert to a state of lesser awareness. Once revealed, things remain impossible to unsee.

Does it reduce our conflicts, or do we actively seek ways to alter our history’s direction? We aim to do more than just vow ‘never again,’ only to watch history repeat itself. Instead, we strive to reach the heart of our dis-ease. Getting to the root cause and source changes everything.

Perhaps we heal from recent conflicts and divides. Like waking from a coma, this recovery signals a time to uncover life’s natural rich colors amid the darkness.

In the face of hardship, a rising tide of mutual care prompts us to question our situation. Despite ongoing obstacles, we find ourselves encouraged to chart healthier paths, moving beyond fear and powerlessness. Treating our ability to trust as our most significant asset. No longer giving it away because we unlearn and learn who deserves this precious gift of trust.

The pursuit of solutions transforms as we shift from solving problems to seizing opportunities that are healthy. Once we heighten our awareness, it cannot be dulled. The real opportunity becomes moving beyond an achievement-focused sickness to a community-centered, caring way of life. It starts with deeply caring for ourselves and shedding how we should be. No longer taking on fears and divisions.

Embracing self-care and care for each other unlocks new possibilities. Nurturing ourselves, each other, and the Earth brings about significant shifts. And it is a new muscle for many of us to flex as we become whole.

Posing the question, “What truly means to care?” might reveal humanity’s greatest opportunity, promoting both personal and community health. Whether adopting a caring role or releasing past ties, we deepen our connection to our essence and steer our daily lives by it.

Each of us has the chance to adopt a healthy perspective—despite the noise, fear and hurt in our world—understanding that life’s worth goes beyond any list. Life, in its generosity, presents itself as a treasure to be valued.

Viktor Frankl, having endured the depths of human cruelty, upheld his compassion. He challenges us with his reminder, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

We possess so much power when we care enough. Beyond lists, there is a field calling us.

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