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Beyond Mental Health Month

May 2, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Beyond Mental Health Month - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Imagine that instead of having a mental health month, it was a daily practice for many of us? Would we be addressing depression holistically?

Because recent studies have shown a deep link between inflammation and brain health. This shift affects our understanding of depression. Traditionally, inflammation is seen as a defense against illness. Now, it directly triggers depressive symptoms. Maybe we need a holistic approach beyond just managing symptoms.

Inflammation penetrates the brain’s defenses. This alters the pathways that control our emotions and behaviors. Understanding this helps explain why some people do not benefit from medications. It points to the complex nature of depression. It connects biological mechanisms with psychological experiences and our 4 bodies.

When we view depression holistically, we address the whole body, not just the physical aspects. By doing so, we connect the dots. Diet, exercise, and sleep are crucial. But so is our ability to express emotions in healthy environments. No longer suppressing ourselves. These elements naturally reduce inflammation. Engaging in regular movement and maintaining consistent, quality sleep further decrease inflammation and enhance mental wellness.

Embodiment aligns with this new mental health approach. It involves being fully present in our physical selves. It teaches us to hear our body’s signals and respond to our needs. This practice enhances our mental state and inner strength.

When we embrace embodiment, we respond to our body’s subtle messages. We learn what nourishes and sustains us. This awareness is key to managing depression holistically. It allows us to choose foods, practices, beliefs, and relationships that support our health beyond a mental health month.

Instead of managing depression, we really come alive. We choose practices, environments and activities that match our deepest needs. We understand what is bringing us down and address the root cause. And maybe we create more circles of dialogue when we can be real and healthy.

Embodiment lets us build a life that not only handles symptoms but also fosters lasting mental health. This approach does not fight an illness. Instead, it creates a space where wellness thrives. And fighting is left behind.

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