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Beyond the “Good” Fight

Apr 21, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Beyond the "Good" Fight - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

We live in a world where people love “good” stories about unsung heroes. People coming together to help the under served or the ill at times of need. But why is it that we have not built our systems that serve all of us?

Watching thousands of people gather to protest yesterday made me reflect. They were rallying for the ‘good’ fight around rights. But it sparked a thought: what if this collective energy was channeled into creation rather than opposition? Why keep fighting broken systems?

Too often, when we engage in battle against a system, we inadvertently become the system. Instead, we can use our energy to build healthy systems. Because if the people at the “top” cared about us, there would be no reason to fight the system. There would be no need for the “good” fight or “good news” with un-sung heroes rising.

In our current society, unity emerges strongly during crises—be it in response to wars, economic hardships, or natural disasters. Often, we rally against perceived enemies, which may be other nations, government policies, or even nature itself. This sense of an ‘enemy’ creates deep divisions, which are not random but by design, structured to maintain certain power dynamics.

Let’s face it, we often struggle with sharing and co-creation. How frequently have you been in a group chat where just as honest dialogue begins, someone—not usually the facilitator—questions the rules? It happens more often than not. And there’s an irony in it. We have the option to simply disengage and let people be. Yet, there is always someone choosing to intervene with corrections. It has become acceptable to fall into the habit of policing each other in a manmade world of good and bad.

Now, envision systems designed without the concept of enemies, where there are no heroes or victims because we all contribute to an environment of mutual uplift and respect. In such a system, each individual’s actions promote collective wellbeing, seamlessly integrating with nature’s rhythms. Questioning does not become correcting in this world of curiosity and experimentation.

Historically, game theory illustrates that approaches based on kindness and generosity yield the most sustainable outcomes. These aren’t just about avoiding loss but about fostering long-term benefits for everyone involved. If we consider our societal designs away from confrontation and towards cooperation, we transform how we interact with each other and our planet.

Imagine if instead of isolated pockets of cooperation, we created a community dedicated to continuous support and understanding across all borders. This shift could define our interactions, moving us from a world divided by designed conflicts to one united by designed cooperation. Such a world is not only possible but necessary to no longer engage in the “good” fight. Can we be the bridge builders we need?

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