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Beyond the Industry of Talks

Apr 9, 2024 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Beyond the Industry of Talks - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Beyond the Industry of Talks

We have created an industry of talks. TED, for example, started as a way of exchanging ideas about technology, education and design. But with its success, it morphed into a formulaic one-way presentation of greatness. If you were invited in, you were scripted in how to stand, what to say, what not to say, what to wear, what not to wear. It even spawned new consulting experts who advised the chosen speakers in all these important areas.

There are thousands of beautiful TED talks that spark the heart and mind with some incredible stories. But that is not what an idea exchange and true co-creation is about.

The industry of talks also demands feeding the machines. Well-known personas see their talks spread quickly online. Yet, in the attention-challenged society we’ve created, many talks are simplified into ten-minute segments that talk at us. Presenting stories for us to follow.

Someone might share a compelling story of overcoming the odds. However, rather than inspiring, these stories often leave many feeling inadequate. It’s common to hear about the achievements without the struggles, the victories without the defeats. The untold parts of these stories are the moments of doubt, the waves of fear, and the support from real people who were there during the toughest times.

The reason behind this omission is the industry’s preference for a polished narrative over the raw and real. In such a landscape, concepts like gratitude, kindness, and vulnerability are reduced to mere buzzwords, losing their depth and sincerity

But some of us, not caught up in the race of life, remain focused on true value rather than gimmicks or success formulas meant for others. Many idolize billionaires without questioning the methods they used to accumulate their wealth, missing the connection.

Beyond the Industry of Talks: An Unscripted World

Addressing only the symptoms of a problem without tackling its root cause puts you in a cycle of constant battle. It means always being on the defensive, dealing with one issue after another. It keeps you in a perpetual state of conflict, whether with external challenges or internal struggles. It’s like trying to patch up leaks without ever fixing the hole in the roof; the rain will keep getting in.

Moving beyond the scripts requires a shift in focus, from merely reacting to symptoms to understanding and seeing the opportunities. We invest our energy in holistic approaches rather than temporary fixes.

When value takes center stage, our questions change. We look past grand narratives about people and history that, while compelling, may not fully align with reality. Simplifying events and broad generalizations about humanity become easy, as does crafting a narrative that might not fully capture the complexity of the truth.

Experts might make it seem straightforward, but the reality often gets oversimplified with frameworks and theories that themselves go viral, such as inquiries into what makes things popular online. Ultimately, the game revolves around accumulating likes, followers, and overall attention.

It’s All Connected

This serves as a reminder that our search for knowledge and truth is crucial. But it should be rooted in discernment and a readiness to engage with the world as it truly is, not as we fear or desire it to be. When this search remains fixated on who is right and who is wrong, it perpetuates the current state of affairs, leading us to repeat historical cycles of conflict.

Recognizing the interplay between ideas and the tangible impacts of our actions allows us to navigate toward a world that values discovery, experimentation, and connection. Beyond the industry of talks, there’s no central stage or megaphone, emphasizing the shift towards two-way dialogue.

Sure, ideas catch on when they’re easy to grasp, even if they’re not entirely accurate. We prefer explanations that make us feel understood and remove our guilt, rather than those that are meaningful. We avoid uncertainty and incomplete stories, choosing comfort over the truth.

In the end, while we seek simplicity and connection, the world is rich with nuances. Recognizing this invites us to look beyond simple explanations. And maybe do our real work, which encourages natural flow. No longer being told how things are supposed to be by being talked at. Understanding that sometimes we get so excited that we “interrupt” the current state of the talk.

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