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Beyond the Saga of OpenAI

Nov 21, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Beyond the Saga of OpenAI - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

I wish we cared as much about our humanity as the drama playing out around OpenAI these days. As we continue to lead with structure, when our opportunity is to focus on substance and purpose, we watch the changing chairs on the deck of the ships of OpenAI and titan Microsoft.

But we are not talking about shifting chairs on the deck of a ship. Behind it is not just the wrapper of the CEOs and the Board but also hundreds of human lives who work for OpenAI. And how many millions of customers, partners and communities?

I may be one of the few out here who have not found this drama remotely interesting. More likely, sad portrayal of more battlegrounds, lines in the sand and the same old insanity of the world that distracts us.

While it seemed to take focus away from the other hurt in the world right now,  does it point to the sickness and malaise of our society?

Everywhere we turned, someone was either “reporting,” commenting or analyzing the play by play. It’s so sad to see how much focus our celebrity culture continues to focus on the wrappers of who wins and who loses? Who is on the side of right and who is wrong?

We seem to care more about the people on top than all the people in this drama.

And it is trendy to talk about it as though we are there as experts of the day.

But here is the deal. What truly matters?

This is not the latest Netflix movie; yet the plot distracts us. The fear is out here. Will AI take over our world? Will we no longer have jobs? How close are we to singularity?

And if we continue on this path then maybe machines will take over our lives and brains? Is that what we want; to be characters in a sci fi movie? And maybe an the end of this film, we “save” humanity?

But guess what? It’s time for us to simply stop buying into fear and narratives that are simply unhealthy for our individual and collective wellbeing.

The tennis match of will they use Google Meet while being funded by Microsoft or now feel vindicated by using Microsoft Teams is meaningless unless all we care about is money.

We are at the outset of AI and this is where the opportunity is to focus on what we want it to mean to us; not the other way around when we give our power away.

Last night, a guy at a crypto currency company shared that his company hacked 50 people from the payroll as a result of this drama. No one knows why so many people considered “assets” were ousted and shown the door. This was the first conversation I’ve had with him and I know nothing about what his company actually does. But I do know a lot about how they lead with structure and the impact on human life.

So, why are so many at war with life? Technologies come and go. We had browser wars with the emergence of the Internet. Most people probably don’t even remember the names of the ones that are no longer here.

Can we direct our focus from the irrelevant to the core issues? Perhaps we actively engage in discussions about the true value of AI and its potential benefits to humanity. What can we create with AI? What are our greatest opportunities?

There’s a world full of possibilities beyond the spectacle of superstars clashing. Currently, our humanity faces critical challenges, with real people enduring horrific realities.

For those wondering how to navigate these turbulent times, the answer lies in connecting with our humanity and evaluating what really matters.

Ultimately, the media headlines and the billions made in the tech industry come from us. Let’s understand how billionaires amass their wealth and why this drama fuels the money machine? Is it time we realize our own power and become mindful of our attention and who we trust with our wellbeing?

Is it time to wake up from our collective coma and create what we actually need?

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