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Freedom from Fear

Jul 3, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

From Fear to Freedom - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

From Fear to Freedom

Freedom is our greatest opportunity in the coming years and only we can let ourselves out of the prison of the mind. The truth is we didn’t come here to suffer. We don’t have to live in a constant state of sadness, stress or even with a fear of death.

But in our society, fear of death is like a pebble in our shoe, always poking us. The endless war stories, murder mysteries and crime shows on TV add to this fear, making it a never-ending scary plot. And we always know how these shows end; sprinkling more fear into our psyche.

We program everything around division. For instance, we gain awareness that part of our food comes from natural sources and the rest is artificial and unnatural. The natural food bears a higher cost. However, we tend to accept that access to healthy natural food isn’t universal. We seldom question which food items are laden with chemicals and which ones stem from healthy sources. And this is true of our which detergents keep our skin and bodies healthy as well.

Our elders often consume food without fully understanding how manipulation of the food supply has evolved over the years. Many are not aware of how much our soil and water have been modified and poisoned. But slowly, there is growing awareness that many of the modifications that farmers rely on to boost output also harm the environment and what we consume.

So, what if we start to question what harms us? Can we replace fear with freedom in our minds? We could create a life filled with love and creativity. It’s like turning off a scary movie to watch something inspiring.

Healthy Freedom

This starts within us. Being healthy is like finding a buried treasure. We invest in figuring out what pulls us down and what lifts us up.

In our journey from fear to freedom, there’s no suffering or sacrifice. We don’t need to stick to harmful ideas or techniques. It’s about feeling free, expressing ourselves, creating what we need and loving ourselves, each other, and our planet. It’s creating a world where there is only healthy food without labels telling us what is toxic and what is natural.

No more organic because everything is real and connected to the purity of nature. This is why alternative health and the intelligence of plants will become increasingly important in alignment with healthy science.

Rest is also a key tool in this journey. It helps us take a break from the chaos of the world. It lets us observe without judging, be of service, and allows life the freedom to flow like a calm river.

Picture treehouses in lush forests or floating homes on peaceful waters. And there are also abundant native plants and food growing in healthy soil. These might not happen right away, but they can. Some of us might choose to create new structures and ways of living.

Freeing Our Minds

This time isn’t about fear or lack. It’s about freedom. A crisis or disaster might happen, but we go on with our daily lives. We overcome our fears. What if we could let go of fear this year? Life goes on, maybe even more meaningfully, once we free ourselves from artificial fear.

This journey lasts a lifetime. It needs us to stay alert, do our inner work, and dare to question and challenge our beliefs. By doing this, we  slowly move towards freedom.

Remember, we’re not stuck with anything anymore. This thought can feel scary at first, like standing on the edge of a cliff. But it’s also freeing. Realizing that the fall of old ways isn’t a disaster is like finding wings when we thought we were falling. It leads to deep freedom.

Why all this? Because heaven and peace here on earth are possible. Only a few of us discover it, when our hearts guide us and our healthy thoughts pave and build the path.

Our freedom is asking us to create the mindset for life to thrive. So we can enjoy our radical (rooted) trek.

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