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Breaking the Cycle

Oct 23, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Breaking the Cycle - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Breaking the cycle of fear and control starts with authentic connection and open dialogue. Because fear fuels the urge to control, and that’s what we’re dealing with on a global scale. Daily news cycles will stay constant, even when the actors and stage change while countries face deep hatred and the need for control.

The “bad” news isn’t random; it’s intentional, setting the stage for the rare “good” news to make an appearance. I remember grappling with this as a teenager, wondering why history classes were so focused on fear. The haunting question was: Why did we remain silent about what we call evil?

Fast-forward to today. We’ve gotten so used to suppressing ourselves, we even wear emotional disguises. We don’t want to share our bad days, almost as if admitting them makes them more real. But it begs the question: Why do we react so strongly to triggers or offense? Are we really out to hurt one another? Do we intentionally want to harm? Why is hate so prevalent right now?

And why is it more important to stay silent than let our voice out and question the evil? This is not a history class. Reality is knocking on our conscious.

This is our chance to break free from a crumbling paradigm. It’s time to talk openly about what matters, to question the very fabric of a “good” or “bad” news. Can we simply care? Countless people are suffering; fear is skyrocketing. Evil is staring right at us and it’s not just news. But why do we accept it when it doesn’t have to be this way.

Perhaps it’s an opportunity to stop this insanity and instead of continuing to see the world through someone else’s eyes, we begin to listen to our aching hearts?

There are billions of people hurting right now in every corner of the world. Fear is at all a time high. As within, so without. As above, so below.

But why?

What if right now we choose to truly look at our lives and understand how powerful we are to step out of stories and care deeply? Can we create a world where we no longer have experts telling us to be authentic and vulnerable and simply be human, which is our true nature?

We don’t even need news channels to “know” what’s going on when we can find people through technological wonders we created like questions and dialogue. Go talk to someone. Connect like never before. No one will do it for us; that is such an old story of control and wetiko. When we believe we’re only “good” and “virtuous,” seeing evil solely in others, we’ve already succumbed to wetiko and the system controls us.

Can we face ourselves head-on? This means feeling emotions we’ve kept hidden for a long time.Pretending and wishing things away only adds to our suffering.

Bucky Fuller reminds us, “You don’t fight the old reality, you create the new reality.” And George Orwell, 1984, observed:  “They fear love because it creates a world they can’t control.”

In embracing authentic connections and meaningful dialogue, we’re not just playing into a sick paradigm of control; we’re breaking the cycle for a new reality where we are no longer controlled. Everything connects; nothing stands alone.

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