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The Big Shift: From Burnout to Vigor

Jul 22, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

The Big Shift: From Burnout to Life- Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Will Burnout Be Part of Life, or Not?

Burnout is on the rise. And instead of being victims of the system, an increasing number are flipping the switch when it comes to what depletes us and what energizes us. The big shift on our horizon is from burnout to vigor and aliveness.

More people, despite increasing layoffs in certain sectors right now, are walking away and ditching large paychecks, status and job security. More conscious ways of living are being explored like never before.

Why? Because despite all the buzz about customer loyalty and employee loyalty, we are starting to question the whole concept of loyalty—when in reality, it is one-sided. Loyalty is not transactional; it’s about deep rooted, trusted relationships. Loyalty is about being valued and is a two-way street.

It means we are responsible but don’t follow blindly. We want people in our lives who don’t just talk but truly live consciously and have courageous conversations about what matters.

The Big Shift Taking Place

And the big shift we are witnessing is people asking, how can I be loyal to myself? How can I step into my power and not experience any more burnout? By understanding the root of our burnout and stress, we can not just stay stuck in our problems but see the opportunities to make foundational shifts. And right now, it means walking away from unhealthy people and situations. It’s up to each of us to do our own work.

Talking to people going through this transition, I am learning that this shift is rooted in:

  • Evaluating what’s truly important
  • Understanding our enough—financially, emotionally, physically—and when enough is enough
  • Tapping into joy and simple pleasures by not waiting for retirement or someday 
  • Sharing time with friends and family with no guilt—seeing work as part of life and making life the priority
  • Exploring new horizons and having the freedom to move around the world to fully experience life

For some, making different choices is simple. No more making sacrifices for some day when there is another way to live and work.  And for some, it is an entire reengineering of life not to be seduced by the old ways of living. 

Growth becomes real when it is our own without outside pressures. When we are whole and grounded, there is not much that can burn us out. Some simple practices like grounding ourselves on the earth, getting natural sunlight and rest when we need, energize us.

Instead of getting another dose of stress and burnout, can we become aware that we can make healthier choices?

No More Burnout Means Meeting Life’s Opportunities

The question is where are we choosing to spend our lives when we are conscious that we can trek into the unknown? Where is our balance and loyalty? Whose values are we living?

Can you imagine having the freedom and autonomy to be loyal to your heart? 

Maybe in the next twenty years we will see less being surveyed, written and reported about stress and burnout; and more on joy, play and making meaningful impact in our lives and our communities?

As an author of your life, what story are you ready to write and star in? Can you let your energy explode into the universe with all the vigor that you have?

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “All vigor is contagious.”

It’s time to shut toxic doors and open healthy doors, at our own pace, and with vigor.

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