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Bursting the Bubble of Reality

Aug 23, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Bursting the Bubble of Reality - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Bursting the Bubble is Real

The veil of reality is lifting for many people and feels like bursting the bubble. It is personal and it takes a willingness to let go of safety and experience discomfort. And, if we are not exploring the unknown, we are not open to the natural flow of life.

Some people are creating more and more complexity with frameworks to make sense of the uncertainty we are facing with increasing societal, environmental, political and business changes. And what happens is we continue to cycle through the same agreeable conversations; not rocking the boat. And not willing to peak under the veil of reality. Because bursting the bubble is messy.

When vacationing in a third world country, enjoying the luxurious resorts, we may choose not to see the poverty stricken neighborhoods. And we may also not need to travel far to see the increasing divides in our large urban centers. Much of it is right under our noses; in plain sight. 

A Willingness to Lead

It can be hugely disorienting and stressful to live in uncertainty. And yet, safety is often risky

But when we are willing to burst the bubble, it is part of the shift that is happening. We also understand that as architects and leaders of our lives we have a responsibility to unveil and experience uncomfortable situations. And see, maybe for the first time, the opportunities of what we can create.

Getting comfortable with uncertainty means:

  • Relationships and beliefs will shatter and fall apart. There is a breaking point that helps the curious and courageous say enough and walk away. Not knowing what is next exactly and yet, trusting the currents to flow and explore the edges.
  • An understanding that today’s systems are collapsing and there is a chain reaction around points of failure. How we choose to respond is up to us as we architect what we need.
  • Fear is an energy we have the capacity to choose whether we buy into it or not. Fear creates anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and helpless. But we are more powerful than we were told. And this is a time to step into our power through choices and actions. 

Bursting the Bubble and Awakening to Reality

Trekking into the unknown is about questioning and giving ourselves permission to come alive. And when we do, we take steps to be curious by asking questions and opening ourselves to ideas and actions we can take. As August winds down, expecting the unexpected becomes a way of life. 

After all, the idiom, the sky is falling, originates from a fable about a chicken who believes the sky is falling when an acorn falls on its head. And this same chicken convinces everyone that danger is imminent. 

It’s time to longer buy into fears that are not our own. Knowing the source of everything we consume — from people to food and beliefs — is our responsibility.

When we burst the bubble, we trust our heart to believe what is true for us. We are increasingly drawn to initiations and mysteries. We get grounded on the Earth and all that is possible right here, right now.

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