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Are You Ready to be Carefree?

Dec 16, 2021 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Wild and Carefree - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Being Wild and Carefree

Where would we be if we could leave all our worries behind and let them go so you can be carefree? Many of us dream of not having problems to drag us down. But why have we given them so much power over us? Isn’t it up to each of us to choose whether we want to be carefree or continue to focus on what we are lacking?

The past few years have been challenging for many of us, and yet some people have been able to let go and change the course of their lives in incredible ways from leaving stressful jobs to congested cities to finding healthier ways of living. Whatever choices were made, the key was to release the pressure and stress that life was presenting.

Wherever you are right now, 2021 is ready to close its doors and a new portal of choices opens up in 2022. And, you are at the threshold of possibilities. Can you consider what living a carefree life means to you?

A Time of Becoming Carefree

Anger, fear, worry, judgment and stress keeps us stuck and often bring illness into our lives. Making resolutions that we can’t keep once a year can also be limiting. Being care-free means that we trust the currents in life and flow with no cares in the world. Can you trust that everything will emerge, even if it isn’t right now? Can you transform problems into opportunities and see them as areas of personal growth?

I am always in awe of adversity as it brings an opportunity to grow and learn valuable life lessons, which is why we are here: to learn and develop. As we get closer to the end of 2021, maybe it’s time to trust the mystery of life and your own curiosity and imagination? What if you saw 2022 as an opportunity to make healthy choices? A rebirth, perhaps?

December is a fantastic month to turn over a new leaf as whatever happened in the past is done, and today is a new day filled with possibility. Are you ready to take the plunge, let go and see where you land? What fun experiences are you ready to create?

In the Diary of A Young Girl, Anne Frank shares:

“Make the most of your carefree young life as you can.”

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