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Caring Means Taking Action

Jul 13, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Caring Means Taking Action - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Simple Art of Caring

Saying you care and caring can be in harmony by simply caring. It’s that simple. But to care means to take action. It’s interesting that the Oxford dictionary defines caring as “displaying kindness and concern for others.” 

Why? Because someone who does not practice self-care is usually incapable of caring for any one else. So they lash out at the world; mostly in anger and hurt.

Anger doesn’t serve us. Anger escalates and turns into setting lines between people fighting over who is right and who is wrong. This is such an old story that needs healing and caring right now. 

Until we get to the root, the same stories appear on the center stage of our own life and world. We will continue fighting, hating and blaming. It’s always someone else’s fault, or is it? 

This is not the time to sit on the fence and watch events transpire. It is also not a time to be manipulated or bullied.

There are people in our world who are masters in convincing us they know the truth and are just and fair. Many of us have learned recently to be wary of these claims. All we need to do is really spend time and observe and people will reveal quickly—through their actions and words—who they are at the core. 

But staying in the drama is part of where we’ve been with damaged people offering us their recipes and perspectives. The executive fighting with his partner or in an abusive relationship at home does not show up at the office as a caring, communicative leader over the long haul. In a difficult situation, true colors will reveal themselves.

Experimenting with Caring

When you are grounded in who you are, you have an opportunity to experiment with people and places. The question is how much are you willing to accept someone else’s world view at your own expense? 

The answer is for many of us is to peek behind the smoke and mirrors. And stay grounded.

It is up to us to see that there are people who propagate information to support their narrative and story. They refuse to look at anything that contradicts their truth. They sincerely believe what they are saying as they convinced themselves that they know what’s best. It’s up to us to discern when they drift far from our own truth. 

We are bombarded with experts instructing is to speak our truth and a whole bunch of psycho babble. What if we took a step back and paused? This is a time of embodiment and our health matters more than ever.

Who we are during turbulent times determines everything. This is not a time to play it safe, follow the rules and toe the line. When we experiment, we often fail. And it can hurt and shake us to the core. But once we get up again and again, we understand that discomfort is part of life. We get up stronger with no need to look back when we are rooted. 

We get opportunities to learn and grow. We are never “there” as nature teaches us that when we are in harmony, we trust the currents. There are always bumps in the road when we take the road less traveled. But what else is there at the end of the day?  

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