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Championing Our Humanity

Nov 5, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Championing Our Humanity - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Championing Our Humanity

Championing our humanity isn’t a monumental task reserved for a select few.  The question is: are we ready to examine the nature of reality and the potential for personal and collective transformation?

Luxury typically represents comfort and wealth beyond basic needs, underscored by extravagant items, elite services, and opulent living. Throughout history, leaders, politicians, celebrities, influencers, and philanthropists enjoy such luxuries, from private jets, private education to substantial bank balances. Society celebrates this false success, yet many grapple with daily challenges of survival. These disparities go beyond just money and status and divide us around beliefs.

Yet, luxury’s meaning changes across cultures and individuals. The real luxury, though, might be living in peace in a turbulent world.

Fundamentalism is spreading globally, shaking our foundation. This isn’t just about diverse beliefs; it’s about believing that only one viewpoint reigns supreme. We have seen it play out over and over in our history in many parts of the world and from divisions in countries, ideologies to corporate boardrooms. But we have yet to fully grasp that it impacts all of us.

Often, people who feel overshadowed by external forces gravitate toward this mindset. But here’s our reality check: differing from their strict beliefs puts one on the sidelines. It’s essential to be aware and champion our humanity towards each other. And it’s not about creating more fear and division.

Lawrence LeShan links these threats to life’s mechanization and imagination’s decline. The former propels us towards destruction, while the latter stunts growth and evolution. Bound by narrow beliefs, our grasp of reality remains skewed. The opportunity? Becoming aware and taking action to create a reality that serves us in healthy ways. Most of us simply want to live in our own way without fear.

Championing Our Humanity in a World Divided

Awareness is key. Isn’t it interesting how much we invest in conflict management when we can also create awareness and spur dialogue and connection? What if instead of profit-focused systems, we heavily fund initiatives that increase awareness and communication? With skills to navigate our two worlds, consciousness can flourish, possibly leading to healthy communities and wellbeing.

However, a system governing world affairs complicates this consciousness. Still, such a transformation is both feasible and vital. And is up to the choices and discernment we each practice. Knowing the source of everything, including beliefs, is more important than ever.

In a world riddled with fundamentalism, assuming safety isn’t a luxury—it’s a delusion. The divide-and-rule approach of fundamentalism seriously threatens our sense of safety and humanity. Addressing this requires comprehensive awareness, fostering understanding, choices and action. Silence or avoidance serve no one as extremists believe their way is the only way.

It’s essential to recognize our reality and inherent strength. Fundamentalism isn’t distant news stories but is now infiltrating daily life. While some might dismiss these concerns, fundamentalists recognize only believers and non-believers, casting aside all else when in control.

Now isn’t the moment for panic or fear, but for awareness. Recognizing this reality empowers us to champion our humanity.

Championing humanity involves daily choices and actions that promote understanding, empathy, and creation.

Can we educate ourselves and dive deep into what’s really happening and what’s in our power? This is not a time to follow blindly. Small acts make a difference. Is it time to trek into the unknown by fully discovering what is possible?

“When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.”—Margaret Wheatley

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