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Change is in the Air

Jul 23, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Change is in the Air - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Change is exactly what some of us are working toward, as the old paradigms continue to collapse. It’s time to examine where we need to step out of well-worn patterns. 

Many are facing huge frustrations at how much change is taking place. It may even seem that everything is against us. We can’t seem to get a break and feel the increasing stress pulsating through our body as new aches and pains manifest within us. We may lash out at the world feeling that we can no longer navigate the uncertainty that is emerging.

Take a moment to imagine that you are on a walk. You come to a forest and you can see in the distance fallen trees, potholes and pitfalls. 

But you also see paths and trails. So you continue walking, and you naturally follow the clear path as you go. When you are stressed out and worried, you might stumble along, telling yourself to watch out for the potholes. Only to trip into one and sprain your ankle.

Our state of mind and level of communication with ourselves and our intuition mater deeply. When we sense what’s around us, we become aware of how to navigate. 

Learning how to protect our body and immune system as much as possible is the healthiest way to create well-being. Along with clearing subconscious programming that attracts negative circumstances to us.

The news we ingest is like anything we choose to consume. We can eat fast food that gives us gas or we can choose a healthy meal that supports our immune system. When we choose unhealthy ways of living and working, we bring fear and stress to our mind, body, and soul. 

We make choices about what we consume and ingest every day. It boils down to our attitude and how we approach life. 

When we see problems and challenges, we will be entangled with them every movement of our day. But when we see possibilities, we start entertaining new ideas that fuel a sense of potential without needing to solve everything. We learn to let go and flow.

Perhaps all we need right now is to return home to ourselves and invest in how we nourish ourselves and those we care about? It all depends on the mindset we bring along on our journey. 

Let’s not resist the path that is calling us. Trust that all is as it should be even if it seems a bit chaotic. Change is sprinkled with a bit of chaos.

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