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Jan 14, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Choose To Be Here - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

It is so wonderful when we fully choose to fully be here now. When we realize we don’t need to vacate our day-to-day life because it is already balanced and full.

We can spend our life listening to so many theories, philosophies and beliefs. These are constant reminders of our creativity and imagination. And our ability to influence people to think or be like us. But someone started these stories and we can track them right back to the source. 

For anyone who believes they are not good enough or have enough, where did this story originate? Most definitely not from the pure mind of a child. The belief was planted in the mind at a certain age. And yes, there are studies upon studies of when the conditioning kicks in. But what if that’s not really the point?

Does it really matter when someone taught us to differentiate being good and bad? Maybe it matters more what we believe and don’t believe in this very moment? And whether we choose to be here fully.

I read this yesterday, “I like how we are finally beginning to see how not fighting systems but realizing “we are the systems” is where our power lies!” And I questioned it. Are we truly the systems that are collapsing right now?  

This type of belief keeps us trapped in the current systems and our power does not lie in unhealthy systems that serve the few or create fear. And yes, we can choose not to continue fighting anything or anyone. Division has been designed an ingrained in many of the unhealthy systems that we humans created. And we can choose to be the ones who no longer accept this reality, not by fighting or reimagining, but simply creating healthy ones.

It is life changing when each of us becomes aware and understands that we created all the systems, apart from Nature herself, which we are simply part of. 

We know who created taxes, toasters, borders, stuffed animals, AI, electricity and even money. And we can spend hours debating stuff that no one knows the source of—like who created us and why are we here.

But what happens when we begin to truly be in our power and author what we need. For some of us it means taking a hard look at our lives and making choices about life and work. And for some, every day we dream and step into possibilities. Safety and comfort need not come with us on our continued journey. 

When we choose to be here now, we commit to creating as much love, opportunity and experience as possible. There are no shortcuts or places to hide. And we may learn that we were never truly comfortable in the knowing.

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