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Choose Wisely: Time Waits for No One

Oct 16, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Choose Wisely: Time Waits for No One - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Choose Wisely: Time Waits for No One

In times like these, we choose wisely instead of clinging to old narratives. Tales that tell us a savior is coming, or that we’re stuck in situations we can’t escape, have long held sway. But many of us are becoming increasingly aware, removing the masks society has given us. And that’s a step towards a  healthier life. It’s a long road, but the first step is to question the norms, the stereotypes, the divisive labels that chain us.

Toxic fear often blends with hatred, usually signaling our own unresolved issues. This emotional mix weakens our immune systems and saps our strength. When we lash out at others, it’s often a reflection of our own hidden pain.

If our life seems stuck, maybe it’s because we’ve embraced a reality that perpetuates fear, lies, and conflict. We trade truth for comfort, choosing the familiar over what’s “right” for our well-being. A life where we choose to correct or be corrected by experts who know better. But this is the cycle that turns potential gardens into wastelands.

What if each morning offered a blank slate? No self-judgment, no fear. A day where your gifts and talents are tools for exploration, not weapons of self-destruction. We’re not here to repeat the mistakes of the past, but to chart healthy paths that sidestep the pitfalls of fear and delusion.

When fear grips us, it serves as a signal, not a sentence. It’s a caution sign pointing to where we don’t want to go. And asks us not to suppress our emotions; purify them.


Fear and anxiety are universal experiences, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, especially when the world seems to be spiraling. Yet, the power of being heard and supported can’t be underestimated. We don’t offer empty platitudes; instead, we offers unwavering presence.

Sometimes, just knowing you’re not alone can lessen the grip of anxious feelings, and that’s a gift we can all offer to each other. It’s not about saving the world instantly; it’s about being here, truly here, for the people we care about, including ourselves.

Is it time to not only see the darkness of the world we created and inherited but also to understand that it’s our time to turn on our light? Time to align words with action, a challenge when we’ve been taught to doubt our inner voice. We live in a world on the brink. So ask yourself, ‘what does this tipping point mean for me?’

Many continue to project our own unresolved issues on to the world. But as we become aware of our own human operating system, are we guided by the shadows on the cave or are we willing to step into the light and no longer fight but create?

The choice lies with us: step into our power or become pawns in a darker agenda of division and fear. The latter leads only to confusion, suffering, and a life disconnected from our true selves. Stepping into our power, on the other hand, clears a path toward a healthier existence, free from needless suffering. The direction we take shapes not just our lives, but also the world around us.

Choose Wisely

Answers are elusive when venturing into unknown territory. For me, Albert Einstein reminds us,  “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Right now, everything’s shifting, including the core beliefs of societies worldwide. If you find yourself resisting this shift, clinging to outdated perspectives, you’re missing the point. The old ways, systems and institutions are crumbling. Don’t hold onto past beliefs, or find false comfort in pointing fingers. Left, right, up, down—it doesn’t matter. We’ve all tripped and fallen, and that’s okay. Maybe it’s truly time to rise and move, to adapt and grow.

So, don’t be yesterday’s news. Don’t fall back on the comfort of old debates or stay shackled to stale viewpoints. There’s no time for complaining, judging or correcting each other. We’ve all messed up, and that’s the reality. Now it’s time for deep-rooted change, a transformation that doesn’t just paper over the cracks but builds the foundation of a healthy life and world.

Imagine a world where actions speak louder than words. We no longer judge whether they are big or small but are conscious of our power and how we contribute.

Living in Possibilities

In times of crisis like we’re experiencing, the true character of a community shines through. When a hospital’s cleaning crew couldn’t make it this weekend, at 6 am 150 teenagers were there cleaning every corner and room in the hospital in their community.

They not only cleaned the hospital but also lifted spirits, proving that unity and collective action can make a difference. This shows how taking responsibility for community wellbeing can turn challenges into opportunities for uplifting human connection. And without generational divide, we are witnessing young people stepping out of stereotypes and fear. Who dares to call them lazy now? The desire for meaning and opportunities to create are key at all ages.

When each of us loves ourselves deeply, that love reflects back when we look in the mirror. Embrace life, cherish the land that sustains us, and revel in creation. In this new paradigm, we don’t just say we care, we demonstrate it through our roles and responsibilities. The task is ours alone, not to be left to anyone else. This is how we build a healthier world, one action at a time.

You either create new possibilities or stay stuck, endlessly trying to unconsciously solve past problems. Remember, time waits for no one. Your choice sets the course. So, choose wisely and embrace your true potential. Because you matter.

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