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Choosing Life

Jun 4, 2024 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Choosing Life - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Choosing Life: The Last Letters

In choosing life, we don’t necessarily choose our circumstances every day. But we do choose how we show up and react.

In a world torn by war, a young soldier named Eden fought to protect her homeland. Amidst the battles, she clung to a worn notebook and penned her thoughts.

As the days grew darker and the battles more fierce, Eden knew that her time might be running short. With a heavy heart, she began to write a letter to her beloved family, pouring out her soul onto the pages.

“My dearest ones,” she wrote, “if you are reading this, then I have made the ultimate sacrifice. But know that I did so willingly, to protect the land we call home and the values we hold dear. And yet, even as I face the end, I implore you—do not let my death be in vain. Do not let the weight of grief and sorrow crush your spirits. Instead, choose life. Choose to celebrate the beauty and the wonder that still exists in this world, even amidst the darkness.”

“Choose life,” she implored, “Celebrate the beauty that exists, even amidst the darkness.”

Eden, a brave soul, lost her life eight months ago.

But her words reached many hearts as more bereaved families discovered their children’s last letters.

Tara, a wise old turtle, emerged from a nearby lake, moved by Eden’s letter. She sought out those struggling.

“What if we question, seek our own truths, and forge our paths?” Tara asked with conviction. “Life is a precious gift, cherish and celebrate it, even when you feel there’s no hope.”

Inspired by Tara and Eden, a few found solace in each other and in hope. With love and open hearts, they never forgot their sacrifices. They honored the past while starting to feel Eden’s legacy.

Over time, after many losses, they recognized that the true enemy was the manmade systems perpetuating conflict and division, where fear and hate infected the mind.

The Choices We Make when Choosing Life

With time, wit, and wisdom, they reflected and marveled at the sad irony of seeking peace through violence.

They questioned everything and sought truth in the unwritten stories as a way of life. Amidst it all, they found strength in dialogue and in healthy experiments. They focused on exploring possibilities through experimentation rather than solving problems, with no historical guidance on what actually worked.

In this world, they did not shy away from conflict. Instead, they embraced opportunities to build a society based on possibilities. They engaged in fierce conversations to sharpen minds and expand horizons.

Gradually, they created holistic systems ranging from education to wellness, provocative art, healing music, and thriving communities centered on healthy living. They honored past sacrifices by living purposeful, passionate lives.

They wore war’s scars as badges of resilience. True strength lay in building bridges and forging healthy paths by healing the infections of the mind.

In this new world, they chose understanding, compassion, and wisdom to navigate human complexity. They created a world where hope was reality, building it day by day with hands and hearts daring to imagine and create in natural uncharted waters, choosing life.

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