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The Clubhouse

Jun 25, 2023 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

The Rise and Fall of Clubhouse - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Rise of Clubhouse

The Clubhouse, a place where folks gather, share laughs, and make memories. It’s like that clubhouse at the golf course, where you unwind, dine, and pick up a new club. The social media app, Clubhouse, had a similar promise—a virtual gathering spot, a forum for voices, a hub of dialogue and community.

Unveiled as an audio-based platform in 2020, it was set to revolutionize how we connect. With chat rooms resembling stages, influencers called the shots, controlling who got to speak. Fueled by the allure of exclusivity, it propelled the ‘fear of missing out’ into an enticing marketing strategy. The only way in was through an invitation from an early user on IOS—it was like waiting in line for a hot new club.

The buzz was electric. Many were tired of typing, the appeal of easy audio chats was refreshing. The leaders? A f mix of influencers with big following, sparking interest and inviting fandom. A smorgasbord of experts on every topic imaginable holding the mike center-stage.

Clubhouse ballooned, drawing in millions. At its peak, over 12 million users flocked to the platform weekly. It was the go-to hub in the middle of a global lockdown, a beacon of social connection when physical contact was a no-go. Investors swarmed, and Clubhouse was soon valued at a whopping $4 billion.

Learning from Clubhouse

But all that glitters isn’t gold. As doors swung open again and the world inched back, the once shiny Clubhouse lost its gleam. The engagement tanked—there wasn’t much left to miss out on. Despite the initial hype and sky-high valuation, Clubhouse didn’t generate any income, leading to a massive workforce cut.

The promise of revolutionizing community and dialogue fell short. In an evolving world, stages and audiences are no longer our norm. We’ve moved past one-sided discussions, each voice carries weight. Clubhouse, it seemed, was more a platform for talkers, less for the listeners. It was like an overhyped school radio show—plenty of ego, less quality engagement and relationship building.

In a nutshell, Clubhouse’s story is a classic tale of quick rise and fall. Despite massive VC funding and hype, it couldn’t weather the shifting market conditions and evolving needs. A stark reminder that what matters most isn’t hype, but the ability to truly create living systems where we each have a voice and a choice. Maybe it’s time to stop following the influencers and create what we need most?

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