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Trusting Our Compass

Oct 24, 2022 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Trusting Our Compass - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Trusting Our Compass

Life does not come with a compass but we can learn to navigate with our heart.There are no accidents when we meet people and recognize that we are here to play a role in each other’s lives. Some people are meant to pass through our lives and some are meant to always be with us. We may end up living in different corners of the world, we are always in each other’s hearts.

It is said that if you can see your path laid out in front of you, it’s not your path. Your own path is one you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.

This path only makes itself visible when you are ready. It requires you to take your blinders off and deal with deep-seated issues within. Your compass provides twists and turns and peaks and valleys to scale. It’s not as simple as choosing between this or that and staying mired in belief systems that are not your own. 

Six years ago, I met Jai, a vibrant young woman who shared stories of her life, which I found fascinating. Both she and her then-partner lost their jobs when the organization they worked for asked them to tell the truth about what was happening behind the scenes.They were promised that no harm would come to them if they told the truth.

A Radical Trek

They did share what was truly happening and both ended up losing the jobs they loved, forever. It caused them to learn early on that it did not serve them to trust a company to accept the truth. They went through a very turbulent time and eventually decided to part ways.

Can you imagine losing the job you wanted to have for your entire life? And because you trusted management, you told the truth and the promise of safety brought everything to a crashing end?

Jai’s entire relationship with work shifted as a result. She could no longer define herself by how she made a living or give her trust to organizations that didn’t care about her well-being.

But it was not an easy path, as their dream jobs no longer existed and living in a small community meant fewer choices. A lot of healing needed to take place, but it was challenging because they had just bought their first home and had two young lives depending on them.

The PTSD and the trauma they’d endured contributed to ending their marriage. Although many doors closed and they struggled, some new pathways slowly opened.

Foundational Roots

This remarkable young woman was brought up by a generation who taught her to “suck it up” and suppress her truth. That’s how her society guided her to show up in the world. But when asked to be whistleblowers, both her and her ex-husband felt a duty to speak out as it had an impact on people’s safety.

Luckily, her mother, Pat, is an entrepreneurial farmer. As Jai witnessed her mother’s business expand, she realized she had a strong woman in her life who took many risks and explored different paths. Her mom’s obsession with growing healthy food, working the land, and running an honor system in the store gave her a deep-rooted connection to what was truly important in life.

While the initial job loss that resulted in her divorce caused her deep stress and depression, Jai now understands that it helped her live her life in her own way. She shares her story and life openly. She feels a strong responsibility to make sure her children have a different relationship with the world than she had.

And to do so, she is doing her best to help them be their best. When they feel sad, she talks to them about it and listens. Her two sons are very different: One often speaks his mind, and she allows him to be who he is. Her eldest, who is eleven, has an uncanny ability to tell her the truth, and she asks for his advice often.

Our Compass Shows Us the Way

Jai is a powerful creator, and she never stops experimenting with what’s possible. She even reinvented homeschooling during the pandemic, with the help of her boys. It’s so exciting to know that women like Jai are stepping into their power and creating what we need most, no longer waiting to be picked.

Jai is connected to the land and building community in exciting ways. She is one of the most passionate and hard-working young women I know. Our friendship and connection runs deep. 

Being able to see where we are and becoming aware of how we got here is key. As we also become conscious of the potholes in our current systems, instead of complaining about them, we can take physical action to create a healthier path for ourselves and future generations. And we can be aware of what beliefs are holding us back and assess our potential to shift.

When we fight in the current system, dispensing Band-Aids on old wounds, we remain stuck. We need to be ready to move beyond and create our own potential. Trusting our own compass and heart opens many opportunities to fulfilling experiences and adventures.

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