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Some Thoughts on How Connected We Are

Dec 29, 2021 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Connected - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Can We Become Aware of How Connected We Are?

Once we trust ourselves and our inner knowing, we discover how connected we can be with people. And this is why the choices of who we bring into our life, and who we thank for the lessons and move on, make a difference.

Philosopher Albert Schweitzer reminds us that:

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

Healthy and balanced people listen, ask questions, bring opportunities, offer support and practice kindness. Have you ever run into a total stranger who fed you with a kind smile or gesture? What about a friend that laughs and spreads joy?

When you turn off the news broadcasts and choose to walk a healthy path, you will find a world of generous and caring people. Because you are most likely one as well. Maybe connections like partnerships and friendships will change for us in 2022 because you will choose to define them in new ways? Maybe you will start observing who you trust and who trusts you?

There is a thin line that connects us to each other. Some people come into our lives but are not meant to stay the whole cycle.

The partners we choose—whether in business or life—will have a different significance starting this year when we question everything. We are going to learn a great deal as we become aware of the people who are ready to step in and create with us. 

We are going to begin releasing people, and partnerships that are unhealthy and sucking our energy because when we trust ourselves, we will want to actualize our own purpose and partner with people who share in our creations.

What Truly Ignites How Connected You Are?

The magic in all of this is that it’s just not about any one of us. When we open ourselves to bring balance into our life, including our friendships and partnerships, it’s not a one-way street. We will be helped when we help another. But it takes an openness in communication where we don’t hold back and let old traps keep us stuck.

There is a natural rhythm and flow to co-creating with people that is supportive and happens when we are able to share our dreams and creations. Whether it’s living a healthy life or creating the next generation of education or fashion, everything is possible.

As you head into 2022, remind yourself that safety is an illusion or a limiting belief; everything we have can be taken away. By breaking through false safety nets and entering uncharted waters, you reclaim your power and freedom. Letting go means making space for your wildest creations.

What if 2022 is offering each of us an opportunity to allow our hearts to guide us toward being who we came here to be and living our life authentically and simply? We might look back at 2022 in a radically different way than where we started because instead of giving into resistance or fear, we are able to be true to ourselves and be connected with people who lift us up.

With trust, you can move mountains, so isn’t it time to step out with confidence to create a life that feels healthy, balanced and expansive. What if your 2022 Radical Trekking ends your year excited about what wonders will unfold next?


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