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Mar 11, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Conscious Living - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Conscious Living

When we’re conscious living, we not only take charge of our lives, we play with possibilities. No longer sleep walking through life by being fully aware of the choices we are making; learning and growing along the way.

And we become aware that shame, for example, often originates as a feeling of guilt, disgrace, or dishonor. And we find ourselves embarrassed or humiliated. Because we did something unacceptable. Shame surrounds us when we believe we made a mistake, been caught in a compromising situation, or did something socially inappropriate.

Many of us unknowingly invest in suffering and worry as if they were valuable. But in reality, do we really want to spend our lives being appropriate, which actually leads to dysfunction? Why invest in something that harms us?

Imagine if instead of feeling shame, we were wired to give ourselves a pat on the back for coloring outside the lines of conformity. And when we reflect on what was programmed in us to feel bad about ourselves, we are able to transform it into amazement that we did something so crazy and outside the norm, for example.

What if we choose to release ourselves from all shame and worries, no matter what is happening in our lives? Can we open the door to conscious living? Perhaps instead, we learn to laugh with ourselves? And at the same time, celebrate our curiosity and courage to go “where we dared to go” and experiment?

Conscious Living is A Choice

Forgiveness is the act of releasing feelings of anger, resentment, or vengeance towards someone who has wronged us, including ourselves. And replacing these feelings with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

And what if we no longer cause any harm to ourselves, each other and the planet? Is there any useful purpose to forgiveness in this new reality? What if the healthiest form of revenge is living well?

Is it also entirely possible for many of us to also transform doubt and embarrassment to conscious living and find humor in our lives? There is actually so much for us to laugh about when we let go.

Resisting any form of change, no matter how small, is detrimental to our health. Holding onto negative emotions such as anger, guilt, and shame unconsciously alter our paths.

Many of us are called to conscious living. But few choose to answer the call. Too many are still fixated by the shadows dancing on the wall.

Without regular self-reflection and awareness of our thoughts and behaviors, we become trapped by our own shadows. By being curious and avoiding judgments, we see reality more clearly and make conscious choices that lead us towards truly conscious living.

There is no objective reason to be ashamed of who we are or what we do, as long as we are true to ourselves and conscious.

What does it take to let go of the pressure to measure up to external expectations? At the beginning of every story, we each have our own unique paths and opportunities to navigate. Ultimately, the idea that there is no reason to ever be ashamed helps us embrace our own humanity and appreciate the richness and diversity of the human experience.

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