Working with Ayelet…

“There are few people in life who impact us tremendously and when they do – we want to hold on to them, learn and experience as much as possible to grow and evolve both for ourselves, the organisation and frankly the world at large. If you want to learn more about networking in today’s world, communities, working out loud and becoming part of the 21st century way of working – get connected with Ayelet. She is the BEST!”
– Sheila Babnis, Former Global Head, Innovation, Roche

“Ayelet was a keynote speaker at our first Forum. She did an excellent job encouraging the attendees to move out of their comfort zone and try new tools that could enable them to accelerate their career. The evaluations for Ayelet were glowing and are an excellent indicator that Ayelet is someone who makes a difference.”
– Carine (Maarleveld) Schneider, FGE, President, AST Private Company Solutions, Inc.

“Ayelet loves to solve the puzzle by demonstrating dedication, using her ability and skills to see the big picture and how decisions affect the long and short term. Her ability to understand the world from multiple functional perspectives make her uniquely positioned to build and support strategic plans and lead the transformation required to succeed in the execution phase. Ayelet is also a true global leader with immense multicultural exposure and business experience both in the developed and developing world.”
– Mahmoud Dasser, Chief Marketing Officer Dhiraagu

“Ayelet is an exceptional driver for change. She is persistent and results-oriented and is able to build-up a community and drive them to a common goal.”
– Ernesto Beneke, Senior Director, Business Development, SalesForce

You’re a Conscious Leader

You’re in an organization who needs a female futurist and facilitator with firsthand experience in transformation to shine a light on where you’re headed

I love transforming problems into opportunities and helping people work together around a shared purpose. I provide facilitation, strategic consulting and executive coaching. But I currently work with a select number of organizations and conscious leaders so let’s set up a time to chat and see whether we are a fit for what you’re creating in the world.

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