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What Are Your Courageous Questions?

Aug 24, 2022 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Courageous Questions - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Do You Have Courageous Questions?

This is our time to feel into our humility and be willing to ask courageous questions that we wouldn’t consider asking before. When we live in constant change, we need to be adaptable and curious. 

And since all of us are leaders in our own way, facing the unknown allows us to break patterns and habits that are not meant to come with us.

Then, there’s also a fine line between questioning everything and taking action. Questioning our beliefs and what we value is healthy as is learning to say no to what is unhealthy.

Beyond Re-Thinking

The definition of ‘rethink’ is to think again about a course of action, for example. And the intention is to be able to make changes to it.

When we rethink, we are simply stuck. Let’s say we were going to spend a few days to rethink our life, would we just be thinking about changes or imagining possibilities? It’s easy to get stuck in re-considering and re-embracing and re-doing. But, in essence, all we do is continue on the same path.

What if we focused on our questions and simply embraced curiosity and opened ourselves up?

Curiosity leads us to down new paths to explore. It requires us to let go without knowing what is around the bend. And what’s so interesting is that we have been taught to hatch plans and re-imagine with our mind; always judging and critiquing.

But where we are headed requires us to become whole within ourselves; to gather the pieces and come into greater alignment. Deep inside ourselves is our true self in our heart center. 

Courageous Questions

Are there questions that you are now ready to ask yourself that you never considered before? Are there things that you think are not possible that you are ready to question?

Recently I collaborated with someone who was making a lot of changes; some by choice and some by necessity. Through our conversations, Jan realized that the questions she was asking were mostly, should I do this or that? 

We observed that she was not tapping into her imagination because she wanted to solve problems. And the path forward was shifting from a kind of critique or rethinking to a more open dialogue of experimentation. 

Jan started asking herself courageous questions and took herself off autopilot:  

  • What does being healthy mean to me? 
  • What am I holding on to? 
  • What does letting go look like to me? What does safety mean to me? 
  • Am I comfortable with uncertainty?
  • Do I trust myself?

Is it time to ask your own radical and courageous questions? What are you curious about?

This is one way we bring wonder and awe into our life, which feeds our curiosity and intention to explore abundant opportunities. 

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