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Creating Is for the Courageous

Jun 7, 2022 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

Creating - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Creating Is for the Courageous

What if  this is an amazing time to be alive? Creating is for the courageous when we we consciously choose to live a healthy and meaningful life.

Now is a time to share what we are made of with our own voice, integrity, empathy, and the courage to be who we truly are. Freeing ourselves from judgement and a need to follow the trends and expectations we inherited. What if this is an opportunity for creating meaning?

We live on a beautiful planet with natural wonders and if we choose, we get to explore the mystery of life. Sometimes it takes a few decades to become aware that we have the power to transform and make different choices. And, find the confidence to explore something unfamiliar and new.

Ingredients that Make us Whole

What if all we need on this adventure is …

Trust: Sometimes we can trust the currents in life, even when they lead us in unexpected directions. Can you take a journey into yourself by better understanding your own conditioning and where your trust and distrust lie?

Curiosity: We probably can’t rely on certainty anymore, so when we dare to be our true selves, we can take a chance or decide to play with curiosity. What does being experimental and curious mean to you?

Humility: Forgiveness starts with each of us, and to be human is to err—to be vulnerable, authentic, and real. The question is, are you ready to look at where you may be stuck? Are you ready to shine a light on what really is going on for you? Can you look objectively at where you have been, so you can become aware of where you truly want to go?

Accountability: It is much easier to point fingers and blame the other. It is much more challenging to take accountability and become aware of our role within the story, and even history. As inventors and architects on this journey of discovery, it is our responsibility to  navigate the future course of our lives and be open to trusting our hearts fully.

Courage: Some people never venture out, believing their view of the world is the only possible one, and it takes courage to face ourselves and be courageous enough to explore our own paths.  The world is calling the courageous adventurers to step into the new world and truly create the systems that serve all of us by making conscious choices.

Generosity: What happens when we are able to see that kindness, compassion, and generosity have been waiting for us to fully embrace them? What do we truly need in our life to feel fulfilled?

Integrity: Is this your time to heal, to mend yourself with the togetherness that integrity and compassion bring into your life? Our life lessons never stop coming, but how we respond is key. Putting into action our gifts and abilities, our sense of creating does not require that we receive anything in return. It is simply a flow of energy. When aligned with truth and integrity, it  starts a cascade of energetic orchestration and provides us with what we need.

Creating Our Courage

The opportunity is right here, staring us in the face. It has always been here. We just forgot. We may have been distracted.

Trust, curiosity, humility, accountability, courage, generosity and integrity are equally available.

In a world of creators, what fuels you?

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