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The Real Creator Economy

Oct 13, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

The Real Creator Economy - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Existing Creator Economy

In today’s creator economy, creators make money directly from their audience. It’s all about broadcasting content. This economy is made up of consumers, entrepreneurs who cater to their audience, advertisers, and companies.

A recent study found that in 2022, 36% of US consumers say they posted content online. Now, what’s interesting is that anyone who has done so is now considered a creator—especially the 26% joining the creator economy as part of full-time work. 

Another study found that 90% say they are inspired to create to achieve “financial freedom on their own terms.” But in this fame and celebrity-based influence culture, only a few are actually able to achieve this freedom. 

The Hype

The hype of Web3 and new technologies are promising a transformational economic platform for creators. With access to audiences around the world, creators with targeted following can earn a living. Stories of young people making millions generating NFTs are spreading like influencer and YouTube stars of the early Internet

TikTok and Instagram stars don’t need training in dance or music to make six or seven figure incomes. But not everyone makes it even though 86% of American teens dream of becoming an influencer or creator.

This creator economy is about people earning money by creating and sharing digital content.  

But what if we understood what ‘work’ actually means and moved beyond the creation of online digital content as a ‘creator economy’? Do we want to continue to live in a world where venture capitalists invest in creator economy startups? Did you know that VCs invested $637 million in 2022? Are dance videos on TikTok, reviewing products on YouTube, or getting sponsorship deals truly what we want a creator economy to be?

The Real Creator Economy

Maybe we not only know what work means in the 21st century but we might have forgotten what a creator is and the importance of a world of meaningful, opportunity-creators?

I am meeting incredible creators and the fun of trekking into the unknown is just beginning. Again, it’s all about our choices and our ability to become aware that there is another way.

Jose Leal, co-founder of Radical Purpose, believes that humanity needs a radical transformation of how we view nature, ourselves and our purpose. Jose is a fantastic example of a creator who seeks to move towards a world where we unleash our desire to collaborate and make a collective impact. Isn’t it time to live meaningful and fulfilling lives as creators? Otherwise, we continue to live aimless lives of trivial pursuits. Imagine a world of creators asking, what is our Radical Purpose?

Tara Sheahan is an amazing creator. She is showing us what’s truly possible when we are clear on why we are here right now. The reintroduction of bison is a vital part of her mission and vision to heal the  Earth’s soil. As a creator, she shares biodynamic practices for local and global soil restoration.

J. Kim Wright is also an incredible creator who is revolutionizing the legal field and opening doors to conscious agreements and law students who want to be purposeful creators. Her work is foundational in creating a much healthier system that serves us.

Creating Purposeful Communities

Shamini Dhana is CEO of D/Sphere, a creative fashion tech platform founded in 2020, for people to create, collaborate and story tell through the medium of fashion. D/Sphere empowers the consumer by reengineering second life materials and recreating existing clothing into zero-waste fashion. This diverts 70% of the $3 trillion fashion industry that would have ended up in the landfill. D/Sphere connects customers to the garment workers making clothes by providing transparency.

Michael Strong is a creator of healthy education systems. Joe Brewer is creating so much change in regenerative agriculture and there are so many creators focused on the real creator economy—the one that will actually sustain us. And it’s not just about them because they are each building communities that spark millions of people. There is no audience in this creator economy as everything is based on a value exchange of experiences. Maybe if Web3 is about peer-to-peer exchanges, we can create healthier economies?

What Did We Truly Come Here to Create?

But there are no studies on venture capitalists focused on this economy as this is not about monetization or the next big hype—it is about purpose-driven life on this planet.

When can we start calling bullshit on the current systems? Can we also start falling in love with what is actually possible when we can answer the question, why are we truly here? What are we creating?

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