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Crumbling Giants

Mar 28, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Crumbling Giants - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Crumbling Giants

We’re definitely living in fascinating times, where trust is broken among crumbling giants. Who would have thought that Credit Suisse, once a respected institution, would be faltering? The Swiss banking giant serves as yet another cautionary tale of organizations and leaders who have lost their way.

Credit Suisse was an iconic brand, playing a pivotal role in the Swiss economy for over a century. But now it has reached a dead end. The Washington Post reports on the bank’s numerous failings, which include criminal convictions, corruption cases, spying scandals, and massive data leaks. This is a story of “leadership” losing sight of customers, employees, and people in general, focusing on fixing problems while neglecting purpose and trust.

Sadly, many giants are crumbling, suffering similar fates as they overlook the human side of their businesses. Management at Credit Suisse did little to halt the decline, and their frantic cost-cutting attempts and reorganizations were reactionary and ineffective.

We can learn so much from this real-life collapse. Our world needs conscious leaders who lead with heart and genuinely care about people. Every industry is vulnerable to decline when we lose sight of why we’re in business.

Unraveling Crumbling Giants

As we’ve seen with Jack Welch’s legacy and other giants like GE, focusing on short-term profits leads to ignoring the warning signs of long-term risk. Purpose, trust, and ethical relationships are essential for creating a healthy culture where people matter.

Dysfunctional organizations sacrifice long-term gains by ignoring the living systems that need nurturing. As everything is connected, the collapse of giants sends ripples throughout the world. In Credit Suisse’s case, its demise not only destroyed shareholder value but also tarnished the Swiss brand.

This story serves as a stark reminder of the self-destructive tendencies lurking within all organizations, regardless of their storied pasts. The number of crumbling giants is accelerating, with corporate longevity at an all-time low as unconscious leaders cling to outdated models.

Now, we face an opportunity to create healthy organizations and living systems that balance the mechanics of running a business with the human dynamics necessary for true consciousness. What happens when we wake up to the heart of business and embrace the possibilities that lie before us?

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