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Detachment is A Practice

Jul 11, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Detachment -Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Detachment from Attachments

Detachment doesn’t mean we disengage from the world; it means we are aware of our reaction to attachments. When we let the world’s happenings consume us, we often end up feeling overwhelmed and drained. Each minor problem or issue has the potential to usher negative energy in our life. Instead, by practicing detachment, and creating opportunities, we become aware of how we react; creating a healthier, more balanced way of living.

Detachment isn’t about being cold or uncaring. It’s about love—pure, unconditional love. It’s about understanding that not everyone will come with us on the journey and it is up to us to understand whether they are healthy for our wellbeing. The people who we can rely on will accept us for who we are. But not all of us are ready to be raw and real.

Detachment can hurt. It can stir up fears. We fear losing what we think we own. Our children, parents, friends, lovers. But here’s the truth: we don’t own anyone. We are free beings. As Kahlil Gibran beautifully put it, “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.”

We can’t pin our happiness on others. If we aren’t happy on our own, we won’t find joy with anyone else. Attachment keeps us stuck in the past or worried about the future. It stops us from being present. Detachment, on the other hand, helps us stay in the now. It teaches us that no matter what happens, we learn and grow. And if we don’t, we get to experience a sequel or rerun.

Detachment is Our Freedom from the Past

Society often tells us we can own and control things, even people. But that’s usually not a truly healthy path. Detachment lets us claim our emotional freedom. It’s one of the healthiest gifts we can give ourselves and those we love. Once we start this journey towards detachment, there’s no turning back.

Because detachment is about letting go. It’s about thanking people and things for their part in our lives. And then moving on. As we let go and make room for new experiences, we will attract healthy people as we learn what we need and ask for it.

Can we remove expectations from ourselves and each other? What happens, happens, and no matter the outcome, we’ll learn and grow from it. This step is crucial as it involves letting go of any notions of what the world owes us or what we owe it in return.

We cannot control anything. We can expect the unexpected and let life flow. Imagine the liberation our minds will feel without all that overthinking?

Detachment is personal. It might be hard or simple. And it might be painful or necessary. But in the end, it leads us to freedom and real love—love that is unconditional and boundless for our curiosity and courage to become aware of what and who we are attached to, and why.

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