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Digital Twin: A Futuristic Zoom Vision

Jun 11, 2024 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Digital Twin: A Futuristic Zoom Vision - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Imagine a digital twin that attends Zoom meetings for you. This avatar makes decisions on your behalf. So,  you can spend your time on important things, like being with your family.

Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan, envisions a future where AI technology can eliminate many of the burdensome tasks of the modern workplace.

“You do not need to spend so much time in meetings. You do not have to have five or six Zoom calls every day. Leverage the AI to do that.”

With deep investment in AI, Yuan and his team are developing this digital-twin technology. It allows workers to create avatars to attend meetings and handle time-consuming tasks. This will reduce the time spent on calls, emails, and meetings, enabling employees to focus on creative work and spend more time with family and community.

Within five to six years, AI could manage up to 90% of work tasks. However, he acknowledges that AI cannot replace the personal touch of in-person interactions, such as handshakes and intimate conversations.

A key question is what is work if AI clones handle a significant portion of workers’ tasks. Maybe that’s a conversation worth having. Why are so many engaged in meaningless tasks that can be automated? Why have so many back-to-back meetings a day is the real question?

But for many, endless meetings, overwhelming email inboxes, and other cumbersome work-related tasks will finally be accepted as unnecessary.  Give it to the digital twin to slog through. Maybe what business needs is a bunch of digital twins communicating with each other?

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