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Embracing Change

Dec 6, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Embracing Change - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Everything is Changing

Embracing change means it’s simply a natural flow in our life.

Change is happening and it’s all around us. In the old world, change is something that happens to us. And we often wait to be told and instructed on how a change affects us. Because in the old world, we are seen as an audience or a consumer. And not as an engaged participant with a voice.

Many criticize and judge anyone who embraces change as a crazy pioneer unless they are called a billionaire or philanthropist.  But many recent events are opening our eyes to this fallacy—from Thearnos to FTX, WeWork and so many other “scandals.” We can no longer afford to trust our lives to false idols who don’t really care about anything but themselves or want to write off their “goodness” with a tax receipt. 

In this new world that is forming, change is in our hands. Because unless we change, everything stays the same.

Embracing Change Means Being Present

And in the world that is emerging, the past is done. All we have is this moment where we shift from here to wherever we choose to trek. 

This is a time of bringing ancient technologies like trust, dialogue and community into our lives. No one will ever ask our questions for us. We are the ones who created philanthropists and billionaires as our idols.

Are we ready to change these stories??? Instead of worshipping maybe we can create a world without idols where we discover our own wonder?

There is a quiet transformation happening on our planet right now—where entire lives, systems and lands are becoming the focus. From regenerative agriculture to business to fashion to wellness to law and healthy ways of living, change is a healthy and integrated part of life. There are so many people in every corner of the world restoring lands and building thriving communities, quietly.

And let’s hope our future towns are spaces where we gather with a square or an infinity loop to connect us in dialogue. Hopefully, in our emerging world, towns serve people and communities first. And life happens on our lands and streets with smart people. Technology is integrated and supports healthy ways of living. It doesn’t tell us how we must live or conform to a technological smart city.

When we believe with our hearts, we take action and innovate without making the news or hiring a marketing guru who is an expert in reaching “audiences”or creating more influencers. Because we need engagement, dialogue and connection more than ever and to understand that being social doesn’t mean influencing anyone to think or be like us. The healthy life is waiting for us. It’s this simple.  

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