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Emptying Our Cup

Feb 24, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Emptying Our Cup - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Emptying Our Cup

Emptying our cup is a way of letting go of preconceived notions, biases, and limiting beliefs. We can be filled by emptying our cup. Because to become whole, we can first empty and purify ourselves.

Alchemists described this transformational process as” dissolution.” It is the process of immersing a substance in a liquid, which leads to the breakdown of corrupted and artificial structures. And the potential of the substance is also released. Typically, the resulting liquid is a more purified form.

So what if we can do our own alchemy by purifying ourselves from whatever is weighing us down? No longer hidden or masked in pretense so we can be whole and in harmony.

Poet Tanya Markul reminds us that “The day will come when your old life won’t fit anymore. When this happens, it’s time to take off fear. Put on bravery and change into faith. Find the space in the world that fits your exact shape. And fill it authentically.”

So, can we approach new experiences with an open and curious heart, free from assumptions or judgments? When and how do we allow ourselves to be receptive to different perspectives? Are we willing to let go of unhealthy ways of thinking and doing things?

These are all questions that many leaders are facing right now as everything is shifting within and around us. And for many, it is scary since it requires us to let go of attachments and trek into the unknown.

Conscious Leadership

This is why questioning and listening is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our lives. There is no manual, workshop or retreat for emptying our cup. It takes a great deal of soul searching and an ability to face ourselves.

The “experts” tell us that we must go through what Carl Jung coined a time of the “Dark Night of the Soul” to awaken but is that true for everyone? Is it not up to us to tear down the psychological illusions and beliefs around our self-worth, and examine our beliefs and self-judgment? There’s no one to blame, protest, or war against when we heal the pieces of ourselves in healthy and integrated way. And when we dare to come eye-to-eye with our own power source and spirit, we empty our shadow.

Awakening and consciousness have also been hijacked by unconscious experts promising to light our way. But since no one knows our questions or answers, we might simply need to go into our heart and ask ourselves what makes sense for us. We certainly don’t need more of the same, different channel.

And what happens when we dissolve is personal. For some, we feel like everything is falling apart and spiral with our wounds. We may be saying the “right” things but no one can sense the turmoil we are in when we continue to mask ourselves. Yet for many, emptying our cups means that because we let go and created space, everything emerges and it’s time to explore possibilities.

Taking the Steps that Are Calling Us

Just like in nature, alchemical transformation requires a “sacrifice” of our old constructs, including our perceptions of ourselves and our reality. Through this deconstruction, we can perceive beyond the limitations that veil our true awareness.

To initiate this process, we begin to empty our cup by shedding the layers of our identity and uncovering who we truly are. This allows our true self to emerge and flourish.

Change is a natural part of life, but it puts the focus on personal choice and agency when it comes to growth. While change may happen, whether or not we choose to grow and evolve is up to us.

When we take the leap into the deeper alchemy of emptying our cup, we embrace ourselves as conscious leaders here to do our work in this world filled with opportunities. This is a time of inner work that releases us to become the leaders we need.

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