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A Spark of Euphoria

Oct 16, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

A Spark of Euphoria - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Euphoria comes from inside of us and it’s up to us to discover what sparks us about the unknown. How much are we willing to let go to experience this life to the fullest?

If we look for euphoria from others, it will always be temporary. It’s like riding a wave and being enthralled by the rush, only to want to experience the next perfect wave. Never being totally satisfied. Always seeking more validation outside ourselves. 

We have choices. If we want joy, we embody joy and stop focusing on what others around us are choosing. There is really no need to suffer through life. And even when times are really tough and we may lose hope, the sun continues to shine. Nature teaches us that there’s always a way. 

We will never have this moment again. And in each moment of every day, we can see how we are part of this creation. 

We can learn to turn inward to find the answers to pain and fear we experienced in the past. And in the process, we gradually become aware of what brings us peace and  joy. 

The more we look inside ourselves and listen to how we really want to experience our life, the easier it is to course-correct and begin living authentically. 

It is this authenticity that will lead us to our own euphoria again. So when we’re ready, let’s invest in ourselves and take an inventory of what ignites us, what excites us, and what we’re curious about. And ask ourselves, what opportunities will help us release the adventurer in us to play? 

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